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Don’t hate me. This is a SEO thingie. I realised it is better to be outright frank and say, “Hey, I blog for money, so what? It’s my blog, so I do what I want.” than to be so apologetic like, “I am so sorry that you guys have to put up with my paid posts, my ads popping in the middle of nowhere, banners flashing so much you almost get seizures and scrolling through more ads.”

I mean, if you hate ads so much, just go find a cliff and jump and die. Who knows, you may meet St. Peter at the pearly gates and there are banners with ads as well, selling whiteners and softeners for your fluffy wings! Or on your way to hell, they have ads selling flame retardant suits.

When you drive on the roads, what do you see? Ads. If you hate ads, why don’t you just revved your car and knock those ads banners down and hope to die and live in an ad free world? Or how about smashing your 42 inches plasma TV because it shows ads?

So, there are plenty of ads everywhere. Live with it, biatch!

On another matter, I was just reading about people bitching how their income are getting less because of new policies on PayPerPost. I can only grin and says….I told you so. Because I have been harping on this issue of ‘GET MORE BLOGS and stop bitching.’ No one owes us a living. We have to be forward thinking, study the trend and be ahead of the competition. Get three blogs instead of one. One for your food, one for your kid, one for your bitch. Why lump how your dog eat your baby’s food which you cook into one blog when you can talk about the dog stealing foods, your baby crying and how you prepared the foods in three separate blogs? See? One topic, three blogs, easy no?

kontera_income copy

Oh yes, I am happy to report that Kontera has made me five bucks already. (in two days) Normally, new ads program doesn’t work. I have tried a few and they only generate a few cents. But Kontera? I made five bucks already. Oh did I just mentioned that? I am surprised actually that it does pay. Five bucks!

However, they are very selective and not every blogs are accepted. Try signing up now and I hope your blog gets approved. I can guide you how to instal it. Just check my Make$ Money$ blog often to learn. And if you want to know if I make money from food blog, check this out as well.

So yeah, make money blogging.

10 thoughts on “Make money blogging

  1. For a second I was thinking what “flame retardant suits” for ha? Then I remembered hell is burning with fire, HA! your cynicism is very deep lah.

  2. For the final time before i sue you. MY GAJI LEH?????

    Eh, I think open ceremony this weekend lah. You guest blog 1st post. 🙂

  3. terence – I charge money wan wei. My credit suisse account # is……… And hor, few months down the line, you won’t call your cousin to flame me wan, wokay? Promise hor?

    leah – Tenkiu, tenkiu, you notice that. Hehehe.

    wuching – Yay! I know what you are going to write liao!

  4. I’m seeing a lot of greys too with my PR5 and 4 tags. More than a month since I took an opportunity. There are no opps that suits me or my blog, the one that suits is in grey or red.

  5. vincent – I am only making half of what I normally make but it is also a good reminder to me. Explore, experiment and expand. Chewah, I just got my 3Es theory.

    helen – Nope, wrong. I don’t sacrifice my PR5/10 that easily but I got plenty of PR3/10 and PR4/10 which makes be bundles. Even my old blogspot too fetch very good income.

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