Do we really need another blogger? (that Negarakuku song by namewee)

Added 8th August, 2007 – Article from The Star

Errant student may be recalled

KUALA LUMPUR: A [tag]Malaysian [/tag] university student in Taiwan who insulted the [tag]Negaraku[/tag] and mocked the Government in a video clip will be recalled if he is found to be sponsored by the Government, Higher Education Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Dr Adham Baba said yesterday.

He said other forms of action could also follow.

Dr Adham was commenting on the student, who went by the pseudonym ā€œ[tag]Namewee[/tag],ā€ in a video clip singing the Negaraku littered with obscenities. ā€“ Bernama


Recently, I observe silently some of the opinions expressed by a few bloggers and I thoroughly am not in tune with their wavelength. In particular, the blogger that was taken in for questioning. Is he a blogger or is he a political party member or is he blogger who works for a politcal party and happens to appear threatening? Oh well, I am not interested to know, so spare me the details.

Then, the very controversial MV. Most bloggers will not mention the MV by the Muar guy. I find that MV very offensive. Seriously. But my fellow bloggers found it entertaining, good rap, hilarious and some said ambiguous. Again, leave me alone. Don’t comment on that. I am also not interested to talk about it. And don’t ask me if you do not know what it is.

But I do worry over the second issue which is keeping me awake now. Do you think it is still funny if that MV falls into the hands of people who find it very, very offensive, got angry and whack your kids in school because of it? Are you going to blame the others or are you going to blame ourselves that we thought it is funny and harmless? I don’t know about you bloggers. But I think we have to think a little further ahead, weigh the consequences and remember that we live in a multi-racial, multi-religion and full of respect for each other kind of society.

Are we bloggers restraining our tongues enough? Or are we drawn to controversial matters because it is thrilling? Thrilling because blogging means just crapping whatever we want on our blog. In this case, I notice that those Malaysians residing in overseas are the ones with the loudest voices. And some of us here join in the choir. But remember that when the boomerang flies, it will land on us here on our Tanah Air. And let ‘tanah tumpahnya darah ku’ be the patriotic blood of ours and not otherwise. Because when things get out of hand, whatever we crap in our blog will turn into reality. I am very concern for the future of our country because I love it.

One more thing that sickens me is how people conveniently weave and carve religions to justify their causes. I don’t mean only one particular faith but BOTH parties. I pray that it is the One God that guides BOTH of you and not anything deep seated. God bless us all. Remember the Rukun Negara, Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. That’s what we need now.

Not another blogger.

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15 thoughts on “Do we really need another blogger? (that Negarakuku song by namewee)

  1. you are the first one that i come across who finds it offensive

    to me, those kilat kilat mata wun be asking for sugar if no one NEEDS to give them the sugar in the first place. Kedaulatan Undand Undang

    I love my country too

    5xmom to k Sin : This is the problem. Everyone only sees what they want to see. Yes, the sugar and coffee are not that big deal. But do all and I mean all 21 million people see it that way? We have to be sensitive to the other people and know what may be sensitive to them. It may be funny to some but not to them. Putting a person’s place of worship together with what you see towards the end of the MV, that part alone can cause a lot of things already. And that’s why I am wondering how some so called wise people can still equate that to just a parody.

  2. well said Lilian. Heck ! I might even say its witty but I still find it offensive -not for its vulgarity but the fact that it stirs up disharmony among the races. ( but then who am I to say so since I was only Malaysian for a quarter of my life.( sarcasm) – still it was the country of my birth)

    5xmom to romantic : Ya, this one is pushing it too far. But that’s not my issue ‘cos the guy has his own creative rights or whatever artiste call them. But bloggers are the one who are cheering it on. And not just any bloggers but those that I expect to be wiser in seeing the big picture. The kind that says, when I was growing up as a child (in the 50s and 60s). Believe me, I had surfed lots of blogs to see their reactions before I said this.

  3. Saya anak Malaysia.

    Society mindset tend to blame the whole eventhough only a few individuals have done wrong.

    MV could be funny but did he thought about the consequences? I was brought to respect the National Anthem, never to make fun of it. I guess this is why we still need the ISA. Reserved for certain individuals.

  4. I think there’s two side of the coin to both of the issues. Each angle is looking it with a different mentality.

    Crucially is the understanding how progressive and the maturity of the public.

    True that the song is provocative but could it be blamed as no truth in it?

    I sincerely believe all unity can be achieved if we are all open and mature enough to see it as what it is.

    5xmom reply : Freethinker, Lemme requote what you said :

    unity can be achieved


    we are all open and mature enough to see it as what it is.

    But we know this is not the case and will not be the case. A few individuals have shown us that. Think about the rest of the millions? The ones that we have to live with, study with, work with? So it is a very risky thing to do.

  5. I absolutely agree with your re-quoting of my IF and only IF situation.

    I understand your statement that at the current rate the “maturity” level is not of desired.

    But at the same time, referring to that specific video, I can’t say it’s exactly provocative in the context it didn’t offer something we didn’t already know… ( or the parties involved not willing to acknowledge but public knowledge ).

  6. freethinker – Yeah, some things won’t change, whether another 100 years or 500 years. Hehehe.

    Everyone go read e-hon’s post!!!! šŸ˜‰

  7. interesting way of seeing it…. those of us who are stuck in our tanahair will eventually feel the fury… that is quite true.

    the rapper is currently residing in taiwan if i am not wrong and that is probably why he has the balls to do such thing. when he is back, i am sure he will feel the heat.

    my view… it will be a wasted talent.

    zewt – Many said it is ok ‘cos the US did worse parody. But what they don’t realise is we are not US cos we are so different in our religions, races and culture. Right?

  8. anyway 5xmom, u cant expect every blogger in this blogosphere to have a mentality like u or rather u want them to right?… i mean ur point is right, but ur age gap & the majority of the people on blogosphere, i mean like isnt that a huge gap? and to have our teenagers to have a mindset like urs, i think it would take a while isnt it?

    talking bout tanahair tercinta, if this few MV can hurt the country’s image… how bout those truth posted on famous blogs (nat, tian chua, jeff, etc) & malaysiakini which those foreign media took as reference?

    about provoking post, i think kennysia would hav a few too… the latest was transformers with perodua & proton…

    NEGARA KUKU just wont change the nation overnight…

    5xmom says…: MIKEY MERRY, You listen properly hor. Who gives you the right to come in from out of nowhere and start a sentence with “you can’t expect ….” Which part of my blog demanded people to think like that? I made it very clear, it is my own thoughts and my views. If I want to change people mentality, I would rudely go into every one of the post and butt in with my unwanted two cents. This is my blog, I said what I want here. It is not like I go around and leave comments to everyone else. So farking get your points right before you press that ‘Comment’ button, ok?

    And how the fark you drag in teens and about age gap and things like that? Those bloggers I was talking about are not teens, you idiot. Those are people much older than me. Where did I say anything about teens? And don’t make laugh with thought provoking posts with those example, ok?

    Please? Don’t have anything intelligent to say, just sit diam-diam, can ah? And thank you, I hope I won’t be seeing you so soon.

  9. I blogged about it too and I’m not impress. Something that you must respect, you must respect. Making fun of the national anthem is not right.

  10. i love my country more than i love my pillow!

    lilian, its blog. that the whole idea of internet is. to just speak out the mind. No censor. no limitations. That is the ‘problem’ ( if any1 wants to call it problem) with internet.

    maybe our society at large are not capable of handling such open talks in internet, but certainly the people in net, the netizens of Malaysia are capable of it. they are open minded enough.

    Neway, banging head against our Negaraku is certainly an act against the law. so yeah..its wrong!

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