“If you so scared of shits, then don’t shit lor.”

I counted. If a kid poo once a day, he will poo 365 poos in a year. And they have to be at least four years old before they can learn to clean their own poo from their backside. This means, I have washed:

4 years x 365 = 1,460 poos per child

1,460 x 4 kids = 5,840 in total

But kids don’t learn to clean their butts by four years old. And I also have one kid whom I took care of for seven months. Plus some kids poo more than once a day. So, plus minus, I have washed at least 6,000 poos! Enam ribu. Six thousand. Lak cheng. Liuk chien. Luk cheen. That’s a lot. A mighty lot of shits I had dealt with. No wonder lah.

And no, this is not some deep-deep, chim-chim, double meaning post. So, all those who eat chilis, don’t feel hot. I am just ranting because I had just washed another poo.

Kid on the throne : Feeeeeneeeeessshhhh…

I went into the toilet to do what I have to do.

Take the bidet, wash.

Me : You want a bubble bath today?

He : Yes.

So, I took out the swimming pool, pour the bubble, turn on the tap.

Then, I carried him down from his cushioned throne seat into the swimming pool. (poor people like me don’t have bath tub, only fake plastic pool)

And he shouted : Mummy, you haven’t washed your hands. Don’t touch me lah, haiyor.

Me : Celaka. When I pour the bubble bath, I already washed lah.

He : Papa said must use dettol soap.

Me : If you are so scared of shits, then, don’t shit lor.

10 thoughts on ““If you so scared of shits, then don’t shit lor.”

  1. terence – The vet closed today so they cannot supply any meds for rabid dogs lah. Too bad lor. But lucky I got blog to bark on. Hehehe (private joke again)

  2. Hi Lilian. Damm creative hor. This topic can come across your mind and you wrote with sense. Hit me too, I have to count how many times I have done that!. Hahahahhahaha. u really made me laugh.. keep on with such logic ‘jokes’ HO AKAI EA LANG, LILIAN

  3. Wahahaaha…

    Your kid is very cute. 😀

    Damn… Must ask my mom how many times she cleaned our bum when we were kids. Hehehehe.. This article reminds me about how much I really appreciate what my parents did for us when we were kids.

    Then again, my dog is more productive… poo twice a day. Now she is 4 years old. So, we have 4 x 365 x 2 = 2920 times we picked up her poo liao. kakakaka…

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