Trap in a chapel

*teet teet teet, ring, ring, ring*

5xmom : Dear, How? I am trapped. Where are you?

5xdad : Me? Oh. We are eating at the building behind the new church.

Me : Then? Me leh? How lah?

5xdad : You wait lah.

And I waited for almost an hour.


From the angle, you know that I am squatting down to take the photo. If you leave me for an hour in chapel and a camera, what do you expect me to do? I am done with talking to St. Anne because there is only so much I have to ask St. Anne to pray for me. I mean, it is rude to load St. Anne with too many prayers request, right?


St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam is this tiny chapel which has the statue of Jesus’s grandmother, St. Anne. I went there today with the intention of taking photos. But the sky is not on my side and it rained cats and dogs.


I wanted to take photos of all the stations of the cross by I only managed like four stations before it started raining. The station of the cross depict Jesus final moments like the time He was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate to His resurrection. The above is when Jesus met His sorrowful mother on His way to the cross.


The resurrected Christ statue with the new church building behind, just before the rain. So I ran to the old chapel to take shelter and my hubby and little kid were at the other side of the new building. It rained and rained and rained. I couldn’t dash over to the hubby because I have a camera in hand with no bag or any cover. Hubby was carrying the waterproof camera bag.

Finally, they made it to my side.


My little kid covered in paper carton. Soooo cuteeeeee…….

After fiddling for the whole hour in the little chapel, I learnt something. Though I may be a Catholic, I realised my faith pales compare to those who made it to St. Anne. The non-Christians who were there to ask favours from St. Anne. I stood there and observed them for a while and realised, faith is not something you can have just because you profess it. It is something more intimate.


Some privileged people have faith while others who have knowledge and know the religion inside out, don’t have it. And if you wonder how I know if a person is a Christian or not by just observing, hehehe, we can tell because the way they offer the candles. Catholics held it up high and do the cross. Non-Christians ‘pray’ it like they pray to their angkongs. BTW, do I need to repeat that we don’t go there to pray? We go there to ASK St. Anne to help us to pray to God. She is like a reliable, trusted old friend who will come to our aid.

(I got plenty of time to play with every buttons and settings on my camera.)

And I am glad I was trap there for a whole hour to witness for myself how faithful the worshippers are. They came through the storm and rain. I admit that I never really understand what drawn Christians and non-Christians alike to St. Anne until today. BTW, do you know that St. Anne and Kuan Yin have their birthdays around almost the same time? Heh.

Flickr album with more photos of St. Anne’s church, Bukit Mertajam.

7 thoughts on “Trap in a chapel

  1. Auntie, this post somehow made me realised what I am missing…You described the faith that people have and they braved through rain and shine to get to the church…while I on the other hand gave a thousand and one excuses for not going to church…


    Nice pictures you have there. dSLR does wonders, ain’t it? And I would love to visit this church when I go to Penang next time.

  2. Beautiful photos!!!!

    Wish that I could go to St Anne’s this year but due to work and travel, doubt that I can go there. 🙁

    I’ve not even been there before. Perhaps I should organize with my friend next time to head to St Anne’s next year.

    *Sigh*.. I’m reminded of this Sunday’s sermon to quieten the mind and listen to God for that is the better of the two. 😉

  3. True la. It still baffles me how non-Christians and Christians alike can go to St. Anne every year. Pretty amazing.

    I went there Sunday also, for the morning mass. Tried to take photos but the sky was bleak – nothing but gray. Barely got anything interesting.

  4. really nice pix..i really liked the lighting effects and sharp details…I’m not so good with my camera. was ur son trying to be a transformer? or was that his rain-coat? hee hee..cute!

  5. Interesting post. Reminds me of the Basilica of Bom Jésus in Goa, where St. Xavier is kept. I have seen Christians and non-Christians alike ( including Hindus) going there to pray.

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