Are you sure you want to comment?

Are you very, very sure?

Absolutely sure?

Definitely no regrets?

Think again?


Because I tembak you.

You sakit.

You don’t go complain, ok?

I already warned you in my Me page.

Now, go and comment lah!

On a sidenote, I have just accomplished something. I brainwashed one of my readers to start blogging again. So happy can die. Guess who is that? First person to find the URL, I send PayPal USD10 to you. OK, I am feeling generous. First five persons who provide the correct URL. That’s fifty USD, ok?

14 thoughts on “Are you sure you want to comment?

  1. My google skill is zero. Always cannot find the right word to search. Auntie $10 is so hard to make wan. Also dun dare to give random URL in case it’s ur #1 enemy and mua get tembak kau kau by Auntie.

  2. You sure you gotten the correct medication ar? That vet can be trusted or not?

    Who is the stupid fella you conned lah? Seeing the same vet one ar?


  3. Bryan – But u must find the URL and tell me wor.

    rizlan – Yalah, mana pegi your blog again?

    terence – You don’t want to try guessing?

    prometeuz – LOL, you got a valid point. Ya hor, no wonder ppl sked to take a wild guess. *slaps self*

    pinkelle – Yay! Pinkelle got it already! Shh…dun tell yet hor. Wait all five done, I PayPal you. But drop a comment there lah. Go ‘chop’ first.

    ah pek – Hehehe, this is to test SEO skills mah. Must try one ‘cos webmasters must know where to sniff for competitors and supporters.

    Boss Stewie – Very easy only. No need clues oso can find. ‘Cos I got like less than 10 comments per day mah. Hahaha.


    Aku banyak pandai.

    Since the comp closed d, I let y’all know how I found out lar. šŸ˜›

    I initially saw it and thought impossible can find one lar. Then I thought about it, if it’s impossible, Lilian wouldn’t so easily give away money lar. So I thought, it should be quite easy and there’s only one person she always refer to as her ‘reader’.

    So, I thought, “Eh, go to her Links” and true enough, it’s there!

  5. Yay! Lilian really good la! She immediately transferred $$ to my Paypal yesterday! šŸ™‚

    It was actually quite easy to find if you’re a regular reader of her blog! I usually go to Lilian’s links page to read other interesting blogs she links and after I read this post, I strolled over and voila! Saw a new link! Opened it, read it and it was her mystery reader!

    What fun…looking forward to more competitions like this, Lilian! Haha….but thank you very much! Kam siah!

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