My nerves frayed as my hair (another I hate dentist rant)

This afternoon while on MSN:

Me : OK, I gtg! Got dentist appointment at 3pm

Sadist : Ok! Enjoy! LOL!

Me : CIBAI! I HATE YOU! Where got people go dentist to enjoy lah.

Sadist : I mental one, drilling nice mah!

Me : Root canal, ok? Pain like hell!

And what I thought is my final appointment is not really final yet. Two more weeks I have to bear with this temporary fillings that smell like the bowel of a hospital. The dentist didn’t give me a jab to numb my pain because last week, she pulled out a few nerves already but apparently, there is still another little nerve there and she just stick in long wire into my molar and OH MY GOD, it is so painful!

After that, she yanked open my jaw and gave me another x-ray. By now, I think all my brain cells are dead from the multiple teeth x-rays I had endured.

I so very hate dentist. They cause me pain. They made me drool with saliva dribbling down my cheeks. They got their nurses to suck my inner cheeks and that sounds like toilet flushing but the shit is too big and jam the hole. They got so close to me I dare not even open my eyes because how often do you get strangers (in my case a woman) so close to your face wan? Those drilling turned me into a lump of melted flesh.

And I had to pay RM590 and the job is not even done yet. Two more weeks, I need to go back and get my fillings done. I hate dentist. Yes, I do.

13 thoughts on “My nerves frayed as my hair (another I hate dentist rant)

  1. Root canal. Aarrrrggghhhh…eeeeeee.

    From the bright side, the dentist rescue your teeth, make you healthier ( yupe, less headache and cold after my treatment). And it is also a good way to lost weight. 🙂 ( I shed 2 KG after the whole process).

  2. Some dentist are more comforting than others. The Indian dentist I’m seeing now is really the most ‘considerate’ and nice guy. Not impatient like the previous one.

    Not hamsen though..

  3. Now I just pop in two ponstan pills whenever I go see dentist… i cannot take the pain la. One can actually feel your brain when the pain shoots up. *shudders*

  4. Erm.. excuse me everyone
    You are not suppose to have such bad experince at dentist. I have changed a few dentists till I finally found one that does not cause any traumatic nor horrific experience. Comforting, confidence and assured are what my dentist is like.

  5. i think dentists are one of the groups that peepel love to hate.

    my dentist has been good to me so far, didn’t leave me traumatized… and they charge extorbitant fees! i think hor, next time i’ll ask my son to become either a vet or dentist here….

  6. hah…my dentist used to ask me questions and expect me to answer. exam get how many A’s? then she’d stop n look at me. how to answer la aunty…my mouth wide open with the sucking thing at the side of the mouth…fafeee ayyyssss…..

    incidentally, any1 got good dentist to rekomen to me in puchong, pj area? me nd go chk up

  7. wah lau , the moment you hear the screwdriver lah , the drilling tools lah , sure you will run ! nabei , make my leg numbs when the drilling sounds !

  8. Nobody likes dentist, but everybody wants to become one because they earn big money by making people pain. 🙂

  9. Is Dr Nabei office you go to? I go there for tooth clean. Worst one. Lady’s name Christina Song clean my teath. Very bad. Not nice to me and hurt me very rough.
    Anon from Palo Alto, California

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