I am taking part in the Blogathon and needs your support

I had mentioned about joining the Blogathon on July 28th but unfortunately, I have something that will take up part of my time on that day. So, I did the next best thing, i.e. to hijack Pelf‘s blogathon over at TheGivingHands.Org and participate in it.

I met Pelf before when she was in Penang. She has picked Eden Handicap Centre as the charitable organisation to benefit from the Blogathon. Eden is in Penang and it is a not related to any particular religion but merely a charitable organisation that helps those with special needs to earn a living in our society.


(You may now jump to the paragraph I marked in bold because I got a bit carried away while writing this.)

Pelf’s is going to focus on special needs and I told her that this is an issue very close to my heart. My fourth son was diagnosed with celebral palsy and even when he was just about five months old, I had prepared myself mentally to deal with his disablities. I bought books to read, find peer support and also seek out the kind of schools that will benefit him. My doctor had even gone as far as introducing me to another mother whose son (Ah Wei) was in the same condition. In fact, I had prepared myself like 12 years down the line. I had pictured what my other children will have to forego if I had to bring up Vincent who probably needed all my attention and time, plus relocation elsewhere.

Back then, I was totally ignorant on the different disabilities like mental, physical and all the differences. However, through sheer fate, I was put into the deep ocean and yeah, I swam and hope to float. However, he died around seven months old. The hardest part was when I had to give away the books I bought. Those are books not easily found in bookstores and I wanted to give them away to parents whom may benefit from it.

On the day I brought the books to the hospital, I found the page where I stopped and my bookmark. It was like a dream cut short. No doubt I was told about Vincent’s huge challenges like not being able to walk or develop like his peers, those things never dampened my spirit as I know I was capable of dealing with them.

Then, you can say that it is another big blow that I bumped into Ah Wei and his mom while I was waiting to see Dr. Cheang with my books. I had not seen Ah Wei for a while and he could actually walk then. He was already three years old btw. Well, I shied away from Ah Wei’s mom because I couldn’t face the fact that Ah Wei was already walking and my son was no longer around.

By the time I went into Dr. C’s office, I totally broke down. It was the first time he had seen me crying. (except during the funeral and during the time when Vincent was pronounced dead in UMMC, I phone Dr. Cheang who was in Penang) He had not seen me shed a tear even at the most critical situation because I refused to. Sometimes, he would tell me that he had done his best and nothing can be done anymore. Yet, I would stare at him and refused show any expression. Then, he would ask me, “Lilian, do you get what I am trying to say?” And my reply, “Yeah, you are telling me ‘the end’ story but I am not going to take it yet. You have to keep trying.”

I opened up the book and showed him the things that was left there midway. He was shocked to see my sudden tears. I pointed out at the door and said ‘Ah Wei’. He grabbed his box of tissue and place it in front of me. So, I had a good cry and that was that. He gave the books away. I picked up the pieces and that’s why I always have a heart for those families whose children have special needs.

Many of us probably never come to see first hands the kind of struggle the family had to go through. Mostly, the special needs people are very cheerful because God probably filled their hearts with extra goodness. But behind that, I know families have to go through many trials which we probably may never fathom. Some abandon the children and leave them at shelter homes to grow up in. Therefore, having a centre like Eden is godsent as they have the facilities, skills and compassionate volunteers and staffs to make the special-abled persons more welcome in our society.

So, this is what I want you to do. Yes, the readers. If you can find it in your heart to pledge some amount of money to Eden Handicap Centre, Pelf and I will really appreciate it.


To put it simply :
1) You sign up and pledge the amount. Or Pelf has made it even easier for you. (read Pelf’s post for details)

2) Pelf will participate in the Blogathon and I volunteer to do it for like 4-8 hours. I.e. a post every 30 minutes live

3) When it is over, the Blogathon site will remind you (if you pledge through them). You pay direct to Eden Handicap Centre. Pelf will not deal with the money at all. If you have problem paying, some of us here in Penang can help as Eden is in Penang.

I had pledged RM300. On top of that, I also pledge my full day earnings in USD on 27th July.

SAY YES! Or else…


6 thoughts on “I am taking part in the Blogathon and needs your support

  1. Yes Yes Yes ooh ahh.

    Let me know the details on how to pledge. I pay thru you lah.

    Or you pay 1st then claim from me. (JL style) Bwahahaha!!!!

  2. Good luck in the Blogathon. I used to do it years ago for a number of years. Actually staying up for 24 hours is pretty easy. I don’t know how I did it, but I just did.

    For those who are interested in trying to figure out how to pledge to people, you have to visit the Blogathon website at http://www.blogathon.org (unless they’ve changed it – Cat missed it for one year and then it changed into project-blog.org or something). Look for the bloggers list, and look for a person or a charity that you want to support.

    After the Blogathon’s 24 hours is up, make the pledge to the charity that the person has chosen – not to the person who is blogging!

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