Lan Eh!

I was feeling bored and hop over to cedricang, the [tag]gay[/tag] blog. Before you curious cats surf over, let me warn you that there may be objectionable materials that you proabably wouldn’t want to see. Like the naked Harry Potter aka Daniel Radclife who just inherited some kick-ass amount of money. Serious, he is N A K E D.

And look what I found? The ad system there has IP tracking and it knows where the visitors come from. And apparently, I am from Kampung Lan Eh! Lan Eh, how does Streamyx name their whatever interchange? Is there really a Kampung Laneh in the Northern States here?


So, yeah [tag]cedric ang dot com [/tag]says Lan Eh!

And no, I don’t own the site nor am I the writer like some rumours spread around. It used to belong to me until the gift I gave turned into a death threat pool for me. So, I sold off the domain in a trade off. But if I can write such good storylines like cedricang, I think I wouldn’t need to be a blogger anymore. I can earn a lot writing gay porrrn, man! In fact, I think now porrrn writers have better images than bloggers, at the rate our country is looking at bloggers.

So, you say, Lan Eh or not?

(translation : Lan = male organ)

19 thoughts on “Lan Eh!

  1. Eh??? I still thought it is Cedric leh. Not him meh? Tiu! Why you didn’t say earlier!

    I always thought that he denying it at his ‘new’ blog was actually ASKING us to go read. Tiu! But he seems like he is actually pimping the gay blog leh.

    Are you VERY sure its not him???? Tiu, I was beginning to like the blog.

  2. This one I’ll pass.. lol

    I got one annoying friend who kept telling me his ‘active’ gay life from Friendster. I din even ask..;-(

  3. helen – But gays are fun guys to talk with! I have a few on MSN and they are the most understanding chaps. Better than women friends and much better than men.

    Ah Pek – Lan Eh, alright!

    melvin – LOL. Seriously, that is one good blog.

    terence – Haiyah, what you care who is who lah. If you think it is good, it is good lor.

  4. Nah, you see????

    In his newer blog, he said thanks to assholes. Meaning he loves assholes. Confirmed is his porn blog!

    You were wrong!!! Its really him.

  5. terence – LOL, I am speechless. I see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil.

    mott – Wuah, dun get what you mean wor. But hor, I got a few gay friends who read my blog so I hope you mean nothing? Cos if you do read that blog, you can feel the dificulties they face also.

  6. Woi! I tell you ar!! If not his .com then why got .blogspot and .cc all same name???

    You say lah!!! You scare him liao. Now he terus terang dont wanna admit liao. If he dont continue blogging or admit on his .com, I sue you!

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    5xmom says ….I am not interested in your info. Mind your own business. And for fark’s sake, get some balls and use your real site url or you want me to add in for you? And too bad your plan failed. We know you are the one who used my name to lodge the lame complaint using the webform, causing the company’s director to phone me to reconfirm. Think you smart eh? Too bad, misfired. Loser…

  8. To : That anon. ball of shit who use the name DIVA whose comment I have held in moderation but will make good use of it.

    Well, you just confirmed that you are the asshole who used my name to make a false complaint using the webform. Thank you. You have just walked into our trap.

  9. rofl @ “You have just walked into our trap”

    But seriously. I’ve been pondering too. Is Cedricang the real person really a gay?

  10. hijackqueen – No comment. Later I kena defamation suit. Now, very ‘heng’ for people to quote defamation, seditious act, 121b bla bla bla because it is kewl to talk like assholes. LOL.

  11. Whether he is gay or not is immaterial but the stories I found on site is really disturbing. I am definitely not prudish, nor against erotic content (whatever rocks your boat and imho, it’s healthy that people have outlets to let out to) but I am disgusted by the graphical detail of the bareback, unsafe sex being promoted on the site. I hope you don’t plug it anymore as unprotected msm sex is really something not to be fooled around with.

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