The culture of our ‘yes-man’ Malaysians

It is easy to say yes and agree all the time;

When the majority say yes, it is safe to follow them;

No one will come and bully you if you say yes;

If everyone agrees, then the issue must be right;

People will think those who say yes and stick to the majority are the smarter ones;

Almost no one dares to say no;

Very few dare to voice their opinions;

People who blogs are call bloggers and they only see things in black and white;

They only see the ‘bad people’ and the ‘good people’;

In the process, all judgements are clouded.

I say, most bloggers are blind.

8 thoughts on “The culture of our ‘yes-man’ Malaysians

  1. Ok!Ok! I agree with u most blogger are ‘blind’ !!!! But I do know one blogger who is ‘hor ny’, ‘blind’ or not I don’t know. Have a nice day!

  2. Am I sure I want to comment? Huh? Really sure?
    Ok , go !!
    It’s not that people like to follow the majority (want to be smart, safe), it’s just most of them think like what the majority people think. The minority, like U, have your point too, and it’s not exactly wrong (or right) as well, being a resident there.
    I also don’t quite like those part (alarm clock, R&B song), even though it’s a very frank opinion of him and some of the “non-early bird”. BOTH sides should respect each other mar…

    *I damn scared (till my stool turns green) to click the comment button*

  3. put it this way.

    everyone wanna say no.

    in their heart, they know it’s a no.

    but when someone has the guts to come out and say no.

    the rest say.. yes.

    the rest tell that brave soul he shouldnt have said no.


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