“Act of god lah”

Mr. Sammy Blue
famous for “act of god”
highway collapsed
bridge broken
parliament leaking
building cracking
hampalang also
“act of god”

but Mr. Sami Bulu
now has new excuse
blame it on :

Global changes in the weather pattern that resulted in heavier rain is to be blamed for the recent leaks at the Parliament building.”

For Mr. Semi-Value
is now an environmentalist
as he is very aware :

“Rain is really heavy nowadays, not only here, but throughout the world.

Using bombastic English
quoting “Global changes in the weather pattern”
‘cos he thinks we bodoh

But at least, his god can releks
‘cos now he no longer
‘act of god lah’

He said waterproofing works were being done at the Parliament building and the government had just approved a RM12 million allocation for initial study and immediate repair of severe leaks in the building.

Mr. Semi-Value,
we are tired of you
Each time you spend RM12 million
we have to makan nasi cicah tokyew (rice with soy sauce = too poor = our taxes used for leaky roof)

(quotes taken from Bernama)

18 thoughts on ““Act of god lah”

  1. How does this guy get his budgets approved? 12 mill to repair leaks? And I thought in Parlimen they make hell alot of noise “Mana Bocor! Mana bocor!”.

  2. Hehehehe…. yah hor! From Sammy Blue to Samy Bulu to Semi Value… Hahahaha…. Ter Si Teok lerk!

  3. I almost fall off my chair ……. KENG ah! Impressed the way you put in such a humour manner…… i really have a good laugh. wondering who is the person behind advising him.

  4. Yesterday for first time in my life I watch Dean Negara sitting on TV. Some Senator advised to take to task Blogger yang ‘Jahat’. Kita tak jahat kan kan kan!

  5. I am not laughing. Because now I cannot hochiak already. Have to eat white rice with dark soya sauce liao. Boohoohoo! šŸ™

  6. One day Sammy blue get strike lightning and si-kau-liao.
    He complain to the god, “you should have just put a slap on my wrist like my boss and ex-boss”.

    God say, ” My weather pattern change”


  7. Lilian, lu sipeh rite. At least u ada nasi cicah soy sauce. I got to only eat nasi taruh air putih as soup. Si boh lu kong lar. šŸ™

  8. hahahhaa good one!

    If we have to tunduk to god’s will, then hope mr Value get rid of his toupee. Meant to be, meant to be… if god’s will no hair then dun fight it. lol

  9. helen – LOL, yalor, yalor. That toupee. Haiyor, dunno where he buy it.

    lawrence – RM12M worrrrr…can build hospitals liao hor? Spend on repair oni worrrr….Sim thianh.

    moo_t – LOL. Yalor, big boss not around, he somemore tok again.

    pablo – Never mind, look at it this way, ppl will click our our food sites to drool mah. So still can make money wan.

    rizlan – Tak lah. Kita cuma nakal siiiiiiikit aje.

    La Curacacha – Yalor. You got see he said he want to go inspect personally. Like he know nuts lah!

    mama23beas – Sometimes, got inspirasi only.

    wengwah – Come to think of it, it is really God’s will to make those most prominent and important place to leak. Then, only those sitting up there comfortably will take notice. If it is some schools or hospitals, it will be brushed off easily. I hope those places leak more. Bocor lagi!

    lau char bor – I see the amount of money put into repairs really heartache lah. They cannot equip our hospitals with better medical equipment to save life and yet, all these poured into plumbing works.

    adrian – Semua orang pun bocor.

    KJ – LOL, Sammy Blue is my fav. topic.

    Zewt – I makan curry rice time, you remember to buy siew yoke and visit me ok?

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