But Datuk, saya cuma nakal sikit saja…

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Before I go into my auntie mode and rant, maybe I should remind NST webmaster that it is awfully distracting for a news website to have inlink text ads on their news! Very, very obtrusive and distracting. I am a webmaster too and I know such things. I dare to stand tall and claim that I am not new in these issues. For example,

three laws could be used against the bloggers: The Internal Security Act (ISA), Sedition Act and Section 121b of the Penal Code.

The number 1 there has an inlink text and it sort of takes away the seriousness of the issue. So, I hope the ad money justify the kind of confusion it causes to the less tech literate people because instead of a serious Section 121b, there pop up an ad selling something.

Now, back to this warning. Datuk, I am a blogger too. And never in my mind will I ever think of saying anything against my country, my King and especially the other faiths. So, your warning is very much welcome.

However, I am not happy with some issues. For example, you warned that bloggers can get into hot soup if they talked about Islam. But then, do you realise that the worst and most twisted facts about this beautiful religion comes from overseas? Have you seen the horrible misintepretation done by those sites? What can you do about it? Nothing? Then, why penalise our own Malaysians? Will it stop the matter? For every single one you manage to control, trust me that at least 10 will spawn. And those will be an even bigger menace.

My religion, i.e. Christianity, teach us not to fight violent with violent. Turn the other cheek if someone slaps you. If someone wants to take your things, give them even more. For we trust in God.

This is why we Christians have stood quietly even when our Lord Jesus Christ was called names. We have been called even much worst names. Children of Lucifer. Descendants of swines. Pagans worshippers. Half naked statues and many more. Do we need the Government to protect us? No. Why? Is one religion less important than another?

Therefore, with all due respect to the Government and Yang Berhormat, I would say that it is time everyone take stock. We just have to go with the flow. If bloggers are jahat, then, treat them with kindness. And kindness will spread to all. Otherwise, all the nakal ones too will turn jahat when they are pushed to a corner.

12 thoughts on “But Datuk, saya cuma nakal sikit saja…

  1. Lilian… when is your birthday? i will get my fellow military band ready and give you a general salute!

  2. you are waaay mature girl! At least you know how to think – unlike the You-Know-Whos.Shit, I’m addicted to Potter!

  3. Why would they care about anyone else but themselves?

    Nazism in the making. We’re turning into a facist country from the looks of it.

  4. I will visit you every visiting day. I will also bring you pork when I visit you.

    Hope the curry there is as good as yours. Enjoy your stay there. Bwahahaha!!!!!

  5. Nice post dude. What you’re saying is correct. The only problem is themselves. They dunno how to rule nicely, but only know how to blame only…
    While wasting time on using Act to control blogger/internet ~ which is a “mission impossible”, i think they should improve themselves so that public can gain confidence about them…

  6. Agree.

    The only way the garmen can fight lies is by spreading the truth. Hope the garmen can start a site that addresses all allegations/

    BTW, I hope to get tender for setting up such website …

  7. All you people listen up, you are only to work and to sleep and to eat. Housewive should jaga their kids so they don’t go jalan haji taib soliciting.

    Forget about blogging all together, it is a waste of time. You earn money ok la .. but those that dont earn, please do tmnet a favor, stop blogging. You are sucking all the bandwidth, please leave these bandwidth for porn surfing.

    Remember to pay your taxes, blogging dont pay taxes. Pay your taxes so we can have daily fireworks to celebrate visit malaisia 2007, forget about those flood victims, they are just a waste of money. Want us to rescue sammor ar?

    Behold, for me the politikus has spoken.

  8. Aiyah.. that Nazri fella is one of the many BOH GAO (not clever) ministers we have la. Always talk nonsense and just simply no finesse la. So, no need to pay attention to all these BGs (Boh Gaos)….. waste time only got.

    Yes, Lilian, you are very right and let’s hope this Nazri fella can learn a thing or two from you…

    GOD! please rain some sense if not intelligence on this Nazri fella.

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