11 thoughts on “I ciak pa. You leh?

  1. terence – Hoi, I say instant mee, you say not healthy mah. So mah see for yourself lor. Koka instant noodle, mushroom flavour.

  2. Yeah!!! Had fish head bee hoon … *slurp* .. mmmm-mmmmmmmmmm 😛

    Your instant mee …… comes with those big prawns oso ah??

  3. mendee – Yayaya, instant prawns. Hehehe.

    sweetpea – No lah, the prawns are obscenely huge, that’s why the bowl looks small.

  4. erina – KOKA mee nice lah. Only available from Giant.

    simon – Maaf tuan, itu cilaka stimass mia pasal. I click Publish tak jalan so I click and click and click lah. Manatau tiga ping.

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