Malaysia, you have been Slashdot-ted!

In case you never heard of Slahsdot, let me tell you. If your site get Slashdot, you will get shitloads of traffic that will bomb your server. So imagine if something goes there, the whole world will read about it. Nice eh? We will be as famous as hell.

But, sadly, we are in Slashdot for the wrong reason. I use ‘we’ because we are all in it. Our country, our good name, our reputation (as paid posties too) and our image.

Now, probably everyone has heard of Malaysia. “Nay…those bunch of people who don’t use English as their first language but peppered everything with lah because their PM’s name is that. You know…..the bloggers there who are being culled using anti-terrorism law lor. You never heard of Malaysia meh?”

Haiyor, you tell me lah….How likedis? Think of the tourism we are trying to push? Think of the pride we wanted to project for being independent for 50 years? Think how our blogging peers think of us when we say we are Malaysian? Think of what advertisers will think when we say we are Malaysians? Now this issue affects me as an individual because I WAS proud to say I am Malaysian.

Me angry? You bet. I am not sure to be angry with BBC for being so harsh with the words or the goons who started the whole drama. You know how allergic the world is towards the T word. But did you notice that today, they refer to RPK as webmaster and no longer a blogger?

Webmaster Raja Petra questioned for eight hours

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Today owner Raja Petra Kamarudin spent eight hours at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters yesterday, having his statement recorded over a police report lodged by Umno.

(The Star)

Blek, I should be cooking dinner and forget about this.

(got this from moo_t.  Go to his site to read what the rest of the world says about this.  I don’t want to eat curry lice, ok?)

5 thoughts on “Malaysia, you have been Slashdot-ted!

  1. Slashdot comments moderation system is really state of the art. 🙂

    ( guess I will be tag “redundant” if I say this inside slashdot) 🙂

    BTW, I like curry me, but not curry lice.

  2. moo_t – No curry mee lah.

    zewt – Yeah, throw it over the fence like Terence going to do. Haha.

    helen – Yalor, they underestimate the power of the internet. That’s why I said liao, can control one or two of us but if the rest of the world ‘sing’, habis liao.

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