Describe what you see

Few nights ago, the whole family went grocery shopping at Sunshine Farlim which is like your regular neighbourhood sundry shop but is a hypermarket. The resident ‘deejay’ speaks Hokkien, in case you wonder. There is this uncle clown who is a ballon seller and all proceeds go to The St. Joseph home. He made these lovely balloon poodles, swords, flowers and teddy bears.

Before we got down the car, my kid had three 50 cents coins which he wanted to put into those kiddies ride. Then, he saw the clown with the teddies. I told him he had to choose whether to ride 3 times on that (stupid) horsey with that (stupid) “its a small world music” or he could give the money to the kids at St. Joseph. He had been to the shelter home and remembered it was Christmas when he went there. My little guy bravely decided he will ride once and gave the two 50 cents coins in return for a teddy.

On a much earlier trip, my older sons had referred to the teddies as “Michael Jackson groin gropping teddy”. Anyway, we went on with our shopping and after paying for the groceries about an hour later……


we found this. So, my older sons and I were howling with laughter. I quickly took out my lousy, ciplak, lauyeah (don’t buy it) SE S500i and snapped the above photo. My innocent toddler did not know what we were laughing about. He screamed for his teddy and we couldn’t stopped laughing like a family of mad hyenas, holding our bellies.

So, tell me what do you see? Describe please…

14 thoughts on “Describe what you see

  1. Mickey mouse after taking V**gra. That photo was taken right at the moment before his *ahem* was going to BURST! His head was tilted to the back while screaming, “Oh God! Why did I take the blue pill?!?!”

    Well, at least that’s what I saw lah. What did you see? 😉

    *This is a repost. The earlier comment was marked as spam due to the “V” word*

  2. The teddy bear is just trying to wear a condom. While wearing, he accidently slipped his foreskin.

    So hor, you can see the condom’s tip there, and the bear is actually holding it cause its painful

  3. Woi! All your readers are hamsup!!! LOL

    What I see is a teddy bear made from twisted ballons.

    OK OK. Who am I kidding. The teddy is performing autofellatio. Yes, I have a very wild imagination. Thats what MENSA told me.

  4. terence – No, you don’t. Don’t bring back Ron into our conver. Puke!

    la carucacha – Very innocent.

    lingzhie- No lah, originally, that was the tail but after 1 hour in a kid’s hand, it terbalik to the other side of the body.

    melvin – LOL, most detailed explanation.

    choonie – Another innocent answer.

    mendee – At that proportion, it is a third leg already!

    tenthofmarch – One of my kid said, Oh my, what a big schlong you have! – ala Little Red Riding Hood talking to grandma wolf.

    wendy – Yakah? I also don’t notice.

    alex – That size is not a willy anymore! LOL.

    guaisaujai – Wee wee oni?

    Helen – yalor, obscene hor? To our humsup minds lah.

    AhPek – So innocent your answer. No lah, this was an auto-post. I dreamland at 8 in the morning.

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