Get a free Paddington pancake and vote for a blogger

I know my blog sounds like one of those vans that go around your neighbourhood and tell you about some circus or concert coming to the kampung. But who cares lah. If I can help someone, then so be it.


So listen properly how to get a free pancake. HOI! Look at the signs, Paddington House of Pancakes. Not the cupcakes, doink.


I sms My111 paddington 35.

How to vote for me? Simple. Just key in the following in your mobile (SMS)

My111 paddington 35

And send to 33365

(for sushi king use : my111 sushiking 35)

The sms costs RM3.50. I know it is expensive. But wait, you get a free pancake worth RM12.50.


The pancake that is given free. After you sent the sms, you will get a reply. Take that to Paddington Pancake to claim it. They give you about a week to claim it. Just don’t delete your message. It has a serial number and can be used only once.


The pancake.

The purpose? It is to help Robb Chew, contestant #35 of the Star Celeb competition wins.

And you know what? I am writing this eventhough I am not sponsored by Adverlets! Nyek! I do it for free! I veli guddddd….Folks, if you are feeling generous, go help vote for SotongZhai, ok? You can get other stuffs, just the sms have different codes. There are Sushi King, Nandos and etc. Go find the links on Sotong‘s post.

You earn (in terms of freebies) more than you spent on one sms. So it is worth it. Helping Sotong is priceless. Good deal?

13 thoughts on “Get a free Paddington pancake and vote for a blogger

  1. Good deal!! Thanks Lilian!! Really appreciate it! ^^

    And the Paddington’s deal, it’s buy 1 free 1 for all savory pancake meals, that means, if you bring 10 ppl to the restaurant, you order 5 and u get another 5 for free!! it’s that good of a deal!!

    Same applies for other buy 1 free 1 vouchers (sushi king, charms, delifrance and etc unless stated)

  2. sweet jasmine – Remember to claim it like sotong said.

    sotong – The shop told me I am the first customer and they had to seek so many people before they know what to do. I ordered three pancakes but got only one wor…..Rugi lor.

  3. sooi2 – Yalor, can makan free wor.

    sotongzhai – It’s ok. If I go to sushi king this weekend, I sms again. LOL.

  4. Is this free pancake still valid? The Mystyle website says one redemption per receipt. Does this means I can’t take 4 persons there and pay for only 2?

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