If you are the sons of 5xmom, everything you do ends up on her blog!

Yesterday evening, we went to Queensnbay Mall. Son is driving. (he is 17 years and 3 mths, btw) He had driven several times with his friends but this is our first family car ride. Oooh…scary………It rained very heavily. There was a major jam along the coastal road but it was on the opposite direction. Due to something on the Penang bridge, I think.


So, I stole a photo with my ciplak handphone camera. Momentous mah. I did step on the imaginary brake (read the old post!) eventhough I was sitting at the back. I sat in the middle seat so that means I was terrified, okay? Nothing in front but the open space. His driving is okay with the pointers given by his papa and his daring nature. But it is too freaky for me, certainly. My two middle sons said “Kor-kor driving is better than yours lah. At least he go at the same speed (which is fast). Not like you, Ma. You suka-suka slow, suka-suka fast. Somemore kor-kor no G-force like papa. (G-force means you swing from right to left when the car turns.)”

It was a long, long ride due to the partial jam and the rainy condition. So, I teet-teet-teet and SMS.

“Woi, me riding son driving. Get your Penang ahbengs (tow truck operators) standby wokay?”

SMS reply from blue hair AhBeng taikor: “Need outrider escorts or not ar?”

Anyway, all went well. He drives like a pro already. But too damn pro for my liking. Arrggh….bites nails. (I hope no more post like this one, evarrr. BTW, niamah, call me aunty wor. Lu jaga!)

On the way home, some of the roads were a bit flooded and he drove too fast and splash huge amount of water on people standing by the roadside. OMG, it wasn’t intentioally, so God bless them please. My son is n00b and cannot estimate the depth of the water and the damage it can cause. Sorry to those whose stall kena splashed with water and those people standing there to buy things in the rain. Manyak-manyak soli.

So there, another big leap forward to manhood for my kid. And a step forward for me as a mom.

10 thoughts on “If you are the sons of 5xmom, everything you do ends up on her blog!

  1. It’s always tough hah. When he’s little you want him to grow up, when he grows up you are afraid he will leave you. Not easy to be a mother.

  2. Just wait until he gets a girlfren (if he doesn’t have one yet). He and the car will not be around very often. hahahaha.

  3. Arghh~~Splashed by water from car in speed was bad!!!
    Ur son!!Rupa-rupa he’s the one that splashed on me!!


    Sure u feel happy lookin at ur son’s back as he growing up healthy and strong. šŸ˜€

  4. guaisaujai – LOL, I really kesian and guilty lah.

    adrian – Early-early got gf liao lor.

    choonie – No decision cos still hunting.

    bee ean – Yalor, so many things to worry about.

  5. I always believe drivers have a hard time being passengers. lol

    Kudos to your son for passing his mom’s expectations. Me, I still dun want to sit in the car when my son is driving. He is especially reckless with me around. Wants to show off wor.. Too much Initial D.

  6. oh my God : i cant imagine myself in a car driven by Benghui..but the day will come like you I will have to hand over the family car to Benghui n step on the imaginary brakes šŸ™‚ I dread that day! I will have to learn to let him go find his own world.

  7. lol!!!

    after how many donkey years of driving, whenever i drive my mom around, she still step on “imaginary brakes” too. šŸ˜›

    i do the same with my sis as well. she drives waaaayyy too fast.

    me: u drive too fast. slow down!
    sis: where got-la! only 70kmph ma…
    me: this is a 50kmph limit… -_-“

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