Actually, I am quite disappointed with bloggers

You know why? Because when there are memes and awards going on, everyone took part. Passing around the meme, tags and trains. Writing post after post, having so many people to pass it to. Why? Because it will make their blogs better.

But how many of you have bothered to pass the word around about the Blogathon? Seriously, not many bloggers. Why?

I went to Blogathon site and notice so many of the blogs there don’t even have a single sponsor! Not a cent. So, bloggers! Last call. You can still sponsor. Pledge now! It is still not too late. Sponsors can pledge until the Blogathon is over, i.e. tomorrow, Sunday 9 pm.

In particular, make Kelwin achieve USD400! He already has USD278 pledge to MAKNA. Go, go, go. Make him put up his singing! And take a look at the blogs up there. Feel their excitement in publishing those posts.

If you take offence with what I said, just remember that I have taken out all the ‘niceties’ and just leave the basic sentence. šŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Actually, I am quite disappointed with bloggers

  1. Aww.. Imagine how those of us who are participating must be feeling.. But thanks, Lilian, for your continuous pushing..

    We need more sponsors, after all, it’s for a WONDERFUL cause šŸ™‚

  2. I agree with you. Only a few bloggers took the time to post/promote about the project. Most didnt even bother.

    When it comes to bloggers meets/outings, they write multiple post to inform and remind fellow bloggers of the event. They put buttons and banners on their sites. Sponsors comes in and put more buttons on those sites.

    No money to pledge, nevermind. Promote and spread the word. By doing so, you have done your part.

    This project has shown that majority of bloggers are camwhores, selfish and glamour seeking individuals. Well, the truth hurts.

  3. I thought since got money involved,, I just quiet quiet sponsor anonymously. Already I got people accusing me of whoring for traffic or publicity which I cannot be bothered with .. so I thought better go low profile a bit …. šŸ™‚

  4. Soli! Soli!! Been out of country for a few days. No internet connection to surf. šŸ™

    Anyway, baru sign up and mau pledge liao.

    I hope I have averted the wrath of miss lilian… :-S

  5. Being donate anonymous to body with more transparency on accounting + body I am comfortable with. Please don’t throw rotten eggs at me….. šŸ™‚

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