It’s a rainy day

I attended a funeral today. Actually my first time going to funeral mass, if I did not include my previous one where I went because I was in the choir. And I realised, how great we live our life, we won’t be able to know it. Because only when we are no longer here, people come forward and say the best things about you. You won’t be able to see the tears they have. You won’t be around to listen to all the eulogies. But then, you probably are already in heaven so those don’t matter much anymore. Oh well, like Stephen Covey said, Begin with the end in mind. Think what you want for your eulogy and live you life that way.

Then, it was a busy day going to test drive the Myvi and Viva. The Myvi special edition RM52K looks good to me but kid and hubby aren’t that keen. Kid wants a secondhand Honda. Hubby wants something else. Bah, I bo chap anymore. Drive here, drive there until my poor little #5 also vomit due to car sick.

You know what? Simon and Anthraxxx are going to provide Kelwin their contribution to the Blogathon. In case you guys aren’t aware, Simon and Anthraxxx both lost their respective brothers recently. Simon lost his older brother and Anthraxxx his younger brother. Both got cancer. So, it is rather heart-warming that these two bloggers are going to contribute a post for Kelwin who is writing for  Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) or National Cancer Council . (oops, Simon’s site is squatted by somebody?)

I hope you guys have chipped in your contributions? It is easy for me to keep talking about this because I am the third party so I have no guilt asking and asking. My skin very thick. And thank AhPek for your generous contribution which I have pledge to MAKNA on his behalf.

Now, I am eagerly looking forward to tonight when I will probably start writing around 11+ pm to make it to publish on Pelf’s site at midnight.

Remember – 9 pm onwards, go cheer those who took part in the Blogathon.

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