OMG, LiewCF reads my blog!

Eversince the other day when placed an Adsense ad on my site, I have been wanting to do something similar on his blog. But fate has it that when I was submitting my ad, his site was not available. So, I decided to try out Google Adsense targetted ads on instead.


I am very new to these Google Adwords business and hence, got lost on the control panel. I can set a certain limit per day so I won’t burnt a hole in my pocket.


And this is the large rectangle ad that appears on LiewCF’s site. Weird! Now as I am writing this post, his site is not available pulak. Am I jinxed or what? Ignore the lines and fullstop. I goofed up with the fullstop so the line lari sikit.

In case you do not know who is LiewCF….


Anyway, it is all in good fun. I didn’t spend much money because I have RM110 free Google Adwords from BlueHost.

I have pledge that all my ads income today will be given to the Blogathon but CCB, I couldn’t get a single opp except for one USD5. Ptui! I hope I have better luck tonight.

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