When I am not blogging…


I go out and hope to get some photos to blog in my Digital Photo.

I try to find inspiration stuffs for my Christian-Journey.


Saw an eagle and went, ah hah, good for Christian blog. Or maybe I can write about the beach in my Food Haven.


Atm took this pic and I went, ah hah, can use for my personal blog.


See some sunset and again, think where I can blog about it. My old blogspot? Or what about my other food blog at Best Recipe?


So you see, when I am not blogging, I am still doing something that will be useful for my blogging. I still think what keywords will pay better so that I can fill the ideas on my Make$ Money$ blog. I am so dead.

I see my kids playing, I think what I can write in my parenting blog Mom’s Daily. I see lovers walking in the sunset, I imagine what I can write in my Women Only blog.

Even when I don’t see my blog or have internet access, I think of it all the time. Just like some lovelorn lover thinking of the lover. Chisin jor, I tell you.

*This post is brought to you by the mad woman, 5xmom. She paid herself USD5 for this post with 200 words and 10 links. Kehkehkeh*

17 thoughts on “When I am not blogging…

  1. In case you guys wonder what red hairy ball I am holding, it is call ang moh tan or red hair fruit. And I know I look like I am squatting to shit. But those are pics my hubby took, so don’t dare say anything. šŸ˜›

  2. Wow, amazing pictures there Lilian! I’m from Penang too, and have never quite appreciated our beaches before. These ones are very romantic šŸ™‚

  3. kariette – Actually, this is in Balik Pulau where the tsunami hit and many, many people died there. Spooky hor? But yeah, beaches are always very romantic to me too.

    conan_cat – Mostly mine, unless I am in the photo.

    cely – I tulan see those cibai opp lately lor. Think their lima dollah like bullock cart wheel so big. Perli them a bit. Hehehe.

  4. I always wondered, what does atm stand for? I always use it to mean “at the moment”, but i’m pretty sure it’s not quite what you were trying to say šŸ˜‰

  5. Wah – very nice ‘paid post’ leh. Love those pictures – so descriptive. You really know how to SEO your own blogs – kekekeke

  6. doris – Yaya, once in a while must make use of my own blog to promote my own links. Hahaha, otherwise it is pretty silly to miss that opportunity.

    kariette – ATM as in the machine where you withdraw money? Hahaha, the husband lah, who gives me money.

    shuttertalk – Yeap! That’s right.

  7. wow… my eye’s all wet. I just love the beach, and sunsets. I miss the beach ;). Thanks for the great photos!

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