Saya goblok n lovin’ it!

Many thanks to our very informative Information Minister for helping to widen our vocabulary! We learn a new word today. GOBLOK. Spell goblok, chewren! G O B L O K. Menj said goblok means super-idiot.

However, as goblok as I am, I wonder what our very informative Information Minister means when he said :

“The public should be wise in identifying the websites of goblok (Indonesian slang for “stupid”) bloggers, who are willing to be tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

These writers do not have an Asian mentality but lean towards a Western thinking because they were educated overseas.

“Thus they assume that the Western style of democratic freedom is better.

Does this means our informative Information Minister also means the rest of the world are super-idiots too? Since he said those writers (aka bloggers) who are educated overseas are goblok. And does this means the KJ who said bloggers ‘r’ beruk is the head of the gobloks since he is one of the ‘educated overseas’?

I don’t know about you guys but I ain’t no goblok! ‘Cos I never study overseas. Blek!!!!! You, gobloks!

Eh, I just realise – GOT BLOGS rhymes with gobloks.

32 thoughts on “Saya goblok n lovin’ it!

  1. I skool no go.

    Most Malaysial Ministers’ kids are all studying overseas. Semua goblok. The person funding their studies (him)= super goblok.

  2. all the big fellas, tell me if any of their kids finished secondary education here in Malaysia and how many of those then actually finished their tertiary education here in any of the Public Unis?

    tell me, you goblok fucker!!!

  3. goblok is indon word ma….my ex indon maid knows…i asked her rini, apa itu goblok? she happily answered BODOH LA!

  4. Why must they use the word ‘goblok’?
    Why from bahasa indon they take stock?
    They blame the western educated,
    Is it becos their thinking THAT constipated?
    Like the education system they preach,
    They spoonfeed we just eat?
    Our role is not to question when and why,
    Is our role just to makan s***and die?
    Goblok, goblok, loudy they are calling us,
    But we are goblok, we are not embarrass.

  5. Ha, I am no goblok too coz never study over the sea.

    Eh, datuk, since bloggers are stupid, why bother, stupid ppl can’t destroy the nation right?

  6. wah liao….

    sei-lo.. how to tell my parents.. i am goblok???

    i studied overseas and i oso blog. sei-lo… 😛


  7. Let’s play some wording games.

    Kami blogger bisa.


    Note : In Bahasa Indonesia, bisa also mean “can”, “capable”, “permit”.

  8. thanks Lillian for the new word.

    hmmm… you are right.. KJ is the leader of the GOBLOK. Omg.. so many Gobloks around. The PM a Goblok too because he is also educated overseas. LOLOLOL

    Those ppl should really watch their word. they are those who are suppose to lead the publics and yet they are making those childish remarks.

    *shaking my head*

  9. Hiaks, hiaks, hiaks, looks like they just stir a hornet’s nest and the gobloks who got blogs are biting on the real gobloks’ butts and refuse to let go. Muahahar….

  10. wah really respect our government !
    we are all goblok lead by goblok government for 50 years ! no wonder singapore always put us as a laughing stock ! i feel ashamed ……….

    so how ah ?

  11. what is western style democratic freedom ah??

    does that mean there’s limited freedom in asian style democracy?

  12. OMG, why is this derogatory Javanese word so popular now? My father is going to have a fit when he hears this.

    – MENJ

  13. i am oversea educated ,
    i am blogger too,

    Am i GOBLOK too?

    Maybe our Ministry of higher education should stop sending our student overseas for their education ,they might ended up blogging and becoming GOBLOK too

  14. Eh, since when did our Information Minister become indon ah? Suddenly come up with this GOBLOK term. He should be more original la… can’t he coin a more changgih maya term instead of borrowing it from Indonesia?

    By the way, what’s with our Ministers and politicians these days? All they ever do is shit in their pants because some people are bold enough to challenge their views of things and the best they can do is label them all sorts of names and threaten? Not very becoming right?

  15. Reduced to name calling! Seriously, at the rate our politicians are going on, it won’t be long before all they do is name calling and crying to their mamas
    Long live the gobloks!!

  16. When i was a kid we use to call each other(schoolmates) goblok.I first came to know of the word thru one of the P.Ramlee’s movie tho i’m not sure which one.I find it very telling that politicians are calling people gobloks when it is obvious that most of them are goblok’s bestsellers themselves.

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