Jokes only the Lohs understand

We were at Popular last week and I saw the cookbook by Amy Beh on offer. I have her book one and book two so naturally, I must have book three. Never mind that I never read or even open some of the cookbooks or bimonthly food magazines I bought. I am a food cum photography bloggers so I MUST have them to steal some ideas get some inspiration, you see.

So, I called out to hubby who was at the other aisle…

Me : Dear!!!! Wait, I got a book to buy, don’t pay yet. I want to buy the Amy Beh’s book three. New one! I got book one and two already. I can buy horrrrr…

He : Buy lah. Then, only mosquitoes got no place to hide under the bed.

Me : Huh? What mosquitoes? I say recipe book you know. You know Amy Beh? Nay…cook book.

He : Ya lor, you buy and keep under the bed until no more space, so no place for mosquitoes to stand and hide!

Me : Celaka you, next time I won’t cook nice nice foods for your kids liao. No more Jamie Oliver’s doughnut. *pouts*

Anyway, I had the Amy Beh’s book for a couple of weeks already and the only time I was flipping through the pages was when I was pangsai-ing. *roll eyes* Only the Loh knows me best.

10 thoughts on “Jokes only the Lohs understand

  1. To me, I find him a little bit serious but never know he can be such funny too. I also kena tembak from Lawrence when I buy books. Too many at home liau…….

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