We went to watch Simpson movie yesterday. Mother and four kids. All of them are Simpson’s fans, including my four years old. I don’t know how he can understand those jokes but he can still laugh. I guess his mind is corrupted beyond his age.

Overall, it is a nice time to relax in the cinema ‘cos ticket only costs RM5 per kid. We have popcorn and coke. Much better than sitting at home.

But the thing is the jokes aren’t exactly side-splitting kinda laugh. Moreover, many people don’t get the jokes so after a while, we feel freaky laughing too hard. You know…in a dark cinema and people aren’t laughing that much. So, they will either think they are stupid for not understanding the jokes (which they won’t) or they will think we are stupid of laughing when there isn’t anything funny.

One bugger behind us actually fell asleep and snore really loud. Farker. Spoil the movie.

Some of the jokes I like are “They won’t be able to hear me ‘cos they are too busy talking to their phoney baloney god.” Homer said this out loud just before he reluctantly entered church.

I like the church sign that says..”We told you so.” Actually, I love the Simpon because of the jokes about god. Some of them are so true, yet how many of us dare to say it out loud?

(you need to sharpen your picture to simpsonize yourself.)

My kid gave me this link to make me a Simpson. Not very same face ‘cos they cannot find a prettier Simpson to match my pretty face. LOLZ! And here’s a video, in case you do not know who The Simpsons are.

The Simpson character I can identify with most is urggghh…Homer. What about you?

9 thoughts on “Simpson-ed

  1. I like the “To be continued….” part…. especially the people clapping to it…LOL

  2. lol i haven’t watch it yet lor! some people say it’s pretty lame though (aren’t all simpsons like that? :P) i will think of going to watch wif my friends maybe tomorrow haha…

  3. haha….only idiots would pay for something they could get free on TV..

    what a riot. not as funny as the sitcom though. but still far better Crappy Potter playing with his wand.


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