Some things women ought to remember

1) Learn to shut up more

2) Learn to control that monsters within them call envy and jealousy

3) Stop blaming PMS, menopause, mental condition, bad hair day for their mean actions

4) Learn to spend time constructively, learning new things

5) Try to be nice. It pays in the long run

6) Remember that if your life is miserable, it is NOT not your own-fault. You are responsible for your own life

7) Learn to mind their own business

8 ) Start to think like a man. I mean a real man, not the skirt wearer kind. I.e. if you want to hit someone, just go for the balls, but give them a warning. Don’t go around creating blogs thinking you are doing a good thing for the world. Ptui!

9) Stop looking at people by their skin colour, religion, nationality, bad English whatever

10) Lastly, stop making friends with other women. Trust me. I only have a couple of guys friends and I never have problems like some of you. Of course, I have a little gang of women to bitch with but that’s different.

Ini ada berkenaan dengan sekumpulan pompuan koolit putih yang telah buka satu belok untuk mempersiasuey-kan orang lain. Setiap bulan, ada beberapa orang dari negara kita yang berkebolehan dan mendapat pendapatan yang sangat tinggi, termasuk saya juga lah. Jadi, mereka telah menjadi irihati dan tiap-tiap hari cuba mencari pasal. Mereka akan mengintip dan mengambil bukti-bukti ini dan pamparkan di belok yang mereka buka itu. Sial betul. Kalau begitu banyak masa, pergi buka blog dan tulis perkara-perkara yang berguna. Ingat – Jangan komen ini dalam B.I. ok? Saya nak tengok apa monyet pompuan itu semua buat dan gorrreng diorang nanti.


19 thoughts on “Some things women ought to remember

  1. Ooooh, saya sangat gian mau tau siapa ini kumpulan pompuan. Saya punya belok just kena ini jenis punya pompuan kulit putih punya hasut-hasut. Cilakak betui.

    PS: Wahlau, ini manyak susah tulis leh.

  2. Wa..saya suka..bahasa pula.

    Tengok, kita pantai lah..Bahasa Malaysia,Bahasa Cina, Hokkien,Hakka, Cantonese. DIa orang hanya tahu satu jenis bahasa saja.

    Mestilah macam ni punya…tiga atau empat orang kita sudah di atas chart yang buat banyak duit. Dia orang rasa kamu sudah rebut semua opps yg baik lor…

  3. Nice to read your blog again Lilian though I have not been writing myself for a very long time. I had a brief read of your last 2 postings mmm…….don’t get `pissed’ by people like that. Honestly nobody has the right to judge who can write well. Unless he/she is a Linguist expert. You can write well but can you also converse well with good pronounciation, accurate and clearly? That’s the point I am putting here.
    We can’t avoid the modern era of blogging and sms – where the English language honestly has deteriorated. It’s sometimes done deliberately as that’s the individual’s style of writing. So there is no need to bicker here and there about whose English is better than the other. A blog is not book where you require an editor to vet your work. There are compilation of your personal thoughts, so it should be based on `localised’ language. So if that `woman’ wants to brag about how good her English is – let’s have a challenge on the ability to speak well instead! – is it said – `Ass-hole’ or `Arse-hole’? Which is correct.
    Sorry, but I sincerely abhore racists. Great work Lilian and I hope you are keeping well. Keep in touch.

  4. Some things women ought to remember:
    Ever notice how all of women’s problems start with MEN?

    MENtal illness
    MENstrual cramps
    MENtal breakdown

    Women ought to remember MEN !!!!!

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