“But you are not suppose to read (what I blog)!”

“Eh, you wrote about (something something), you talking about me ah?”

Have you ever encounter this sort of question as a blogger?

Then, I shot a reply, “But you are not suppose to read what I blogged!!!!!!”

Question back – “Then, why you write lah!”

My reply – “I write because I want to write but everyone else can read it except you.”

The other person pengsan-ed with four legs up in the air.

Actually, it is fun being a blogger. But when I meet real people who brought up topics I wrote, I blushed! Really, really blushed. It doesn’t matter if it is just general topics or something closer to the heart. I have this idea that what you read on my blog is never meant to be discussed with me in real life.

It stays here in my blog.

So bloggers, do you ever experience it? Like your friend asking you, ‘Eh, you bitching about me issit?’ and you suddenly become tongue tied. Except of course, the example I gave above is not bitching but errm…praising? That’s why I am glad my hubby never reads my blog.

12 thoughts on ““But you are not suppose to read (what I blog)!”

  1. No leh, you know what some people do ? They actually come and write nasty comments on your blog if they find out that your are bitching bout them in your blog…

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes you read something nice which you’re so sure it’s about you, so you go telling the person “Aww thanks, so nice ah you write about me like that”, and then the person goes “err I wasn’t talking about you”.

    I don’t know who’s more embarrassed. That person or me o_0

  3. a lil different… i happened to blog about this person and this person asked me.. how is your blog?… i said… oh, i just blogged about you.

    the reaction… “what what? why? what did you blog bout me????”

  4. Hell ya!! That’s y I can’t blog on ppl close to me…For example I wanna fire someone (colleagues or frens), if he or she dunno ur blog then u can fire puas-puas without any hesitate! But if he or she knows ur blog, u can only swallow back what u wanna speak out and keep it to urself. Damn!

  5. Blog is Blog. Real World is Real World. They are separate as far as I am concerned. Not that what we blog isn’t real. They’re very real. Only they are separate. Its a very strange thing. Once I was disappointed that hubby doesn’t read my blog now I am glad. Hahahaha.

  6. terence – TERENCE!

    MG – yalor, yalor, I think it is better that way hor?

    guaisaujai – Like that must open anon. blog lor. I thot my blog anon mah, so go crap and then ppl read lor. Now dem paiseh. Cilaka or not, you say leh?

    zewt – So blur wan your friend.

    tine – Hahaha, that is call perasan betul. Like some people lor, ask me, eh, you talking about me.

    Bernsy – Good la, then you every day write ‘deep deep’ and let them wonder if you are perli-ing them. I like ler.

  7. wakaka
    like that also can
    seriously…i think even though we know people can read about our blogs, it’s just that putting thoughts into words is easier than talking, so perhaps that’s why we’re less strict about what we blog than what we talk, which can result in some nasty situations if the post is about someone…
    oh well…that’s bloging

  8. hi,
    i am re-visiting ur site after a lapse of few months.
    i loved the one in BM! reminds me so much of schooldays era.
    totally agreed with u on the above topic. very mm hoe yee see when someone vocalised ur thoughts on something that u say in private (which is in front of ur pc)!
    enjoy ur blog! real entertaining!

  9. ya, my friends asked me about my posts like…all the time. I find blogging is so much more, you can actually express yourself easier – don’t you think?

  10. I did have the same experience~ My friends even asked me the “copy right” fees for posting story about him~ muahaha~~
    but he just kidding lar… we are so so friend liao~

  11. usually my policy is ‘what’s in the blog, stays in the blog’, as in it doesn’t spill out into real life.

    but, but, but… if i’m in the mood to blog about someone who i know is reading my blog, well… there’s where one has to get creative… hehehehehe…

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