Penang Rapid Transit – passenger feedback

Do you know my #2 is very good at ranting too? You should read his rant about haze and moronic public who have no sense of danger. I never influence or correct or say anything about what he wrote ok? We live in our separate blogs.

Our little island recently launched a fleet of spanking new buses call the Rabid Rancid, I mean Rapid Transit. My #1 son rode a bike to school. My #2 son goes with his papa and return trip, he takes a bus. He won’t ride his big bro’s bike because errr…ok, family private matters. Hehehe, that one is a daredevil who rode real fast, no one dares to tumpang. That’s why I am hoping he will finally make up his mind on what car to buy so Jesus doesn’t have to listen so much to my lor-sor prayers.

Today, I am bringing you the views of a young passenger. He is 15 years old, and son of a goblok and also a goblok too.

Interview with a Penang Rapid Transit passenger. (Italic is 5xmom’s response)

1) Who are you?
Me (his blog is, his 14th birthday gift)

2) What do you do?
work (work what lah? Playing PC games is not work, ok?)

3) Are you a goblok too?
I guess…

4) Tell us about your experience on the ride
It was okay at first, filled with 50+ folks with nothing else to do. So they toured
Penang. Then the bus stopped at schools and packed me in like some sardine. What to do…swt case

5) How much do you have to pay
Today free. So got lotsa elderly tourists.

6) Is the bus air-conditioned
Cooler than the older bus…could be it is new though. See lah after some time

7) Who ride on it?
Again, old folks and school kids

8) Seen any lenglui? Got give your seat to them?

9) Smell any smelly ketiak?
Not yet

10) Are the seats comfy
No longer cushioned…plastic kind…funny to watch ppl patting the seat to cool it down like the conventional cushion seat

11) Is the driver like hell driver
Pecut, brake, pecut, brake…

12) Is it different than regular buses
Sightly better

13) Do you think in the near future, your parents can sell their cars and everybody go Rapid
Bus still got stuck in jam, people cant wait for a next bus and must purposely cram themselves in…

14) You think it is a big deal to have these fleet of buses
If you are too frail/old or young to have your own transport, kinds. (Hoi, what lah, you mistaken my question. I mean, look at the publicity. It is like some godsend, miracle teleporter that our kind gahmen gives to us. So, what I mean is, it is just another bus, dude! kinda thing lah?)

15) What do you think is the best solution to solve those traffic jams?
Might solve (if we remove) the old folks who drive so slow like 10 KM/H below the speed limit…

Lesson: Ppl with nothing to do and got new free transport, will exploit it. LOL

ps: despite those comments above, it is better than the past bus services. Can still improve on limiting passengers. Like Hong Kongs’ trams. (eh, you rode on Hongkong trams and buses in Italy and Australia. You think our passengers got as canggih as them or not? Jackets, suits, ties, briefcase…)

13 thoughts on “Penang Rapid Transit – passenger feedback

  1. One thing funny is that I saw Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan on TheSun newspaper yesterday grinning in one of those Rapid Penang news. Doesn’t he feel ashamed for his failure in the previous reconstruction of Penang Bus Transport System and yet still got face to grin for this launch of Rapid Penang?

  2. Smelly ketiak is still ok!

    Cheek squashed against smelly neneh …. now that’s horrible! 😀

    I hate being a sardine (more like ikan bilis lah) in crowded buses!

  3. i take the LRT to work every morning…
    smelly ketiak and sweating bangla is one thing…

    have you seen people who “automatically” pretend to sleep when you see a pregnant lady/senior citizen board the train?

  4. No need to remove old drivers. Just remove all petrol subsidiaries and see the price fly, then you will see car on road will be cut by halves. But then, old folks will flood the road kapchai.

    Personally, I prefer public transport than car. But our public transport are sux. Taking LRT in Bangkok, the trips is fast, lean and lots of lenglui. (ok, girl can watch lengchai).

  5. i hear someone saying about ikanbilis here, lol! anyway, i’ve taken the rapidkl not the rapidpg yet. but anyhow the bus will always be filled with penangites who loves to scrambled and squish each other in mass public transportation. you know, i agree that we should tarik the subsidy and see minyak price hike like higher than mt everest then everyone will use the bus later days!

  6. Hehehe…. smelly ketiaks, bad breath, pyjamas smell.. all also got on LRT or any public transport in Malaysia la… the flavours of public transport!

    The problem with our public transport is punctuality. This word does not exist in these operators vocab. LRT is suppose to be computerized and therefore eliminate all this punctuality problem, manacai.. also got wor… suka suka, 5-8 minutes also dun have 1 train… suka suka, every minute also got 1… Sigh.. like that la.. after 50 years, Malaysia still sama sama… Hahaha..

  7. We saw a lot of Rapid on the road on Day1. The we spotted 3 bus in a row.

    Hubby: They really got a lot of buses.
    Me: So fast already screwed up the timetable.


  8. in fact the public transport system in KL is well utilised, except I don’t take it because it never go where I want to go from where I want to go, when I want to go.

    I hope Penang catches up soon.

    I want to go (toilet..)

  9. Firstly thank you for the new bus system, namely RAPID PENANG. Could someone please do something about these two (2) busses namely T11 & U206.It has happened twice to me for I had to wait for more than 2 hours & finally gave up waiting & to get the cab instead & had to fork out RM12/-.
    Thank you & I do sincerely hope that this doesn’t happen again.


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