Father & son moments


It is the weekend once again. Weekends mean father and sons bonding. It is car and bike talk with the eldest. Hardwares talk with the second son. And tomorrow, father and third son are going to the PC fair to get an MP4 Creative Zen player. (I hope to snatch one Sony Walkman as well. ‘Cos it is cute in pink.)


I don’t know it is because the youngest is the most charming or the most cunning but he got the most attention. On Friday morning, he woke up really early. Normally, he sleeps till noon but he woke around 7 am when the papa was getting ready for work.

*sniff, sniff, tear dropping*

Bye, bye papa. Miss you, love you, see you.

*mouth downturn and more tears*

Byeeee, I love you. Miss you, love you.

*holding back tears, acting brave but still with tears*

Drama king in the making.

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  1. Hi Lil, remember me from a few days? Just dropping by like u advised 🙂

    youngest are always smartest…:P

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