Please send your well wishes to YuinYin

I have been following her blog for a while as she pings to PPS. She is this pretty lenglui who is a medical student, aspiring to be a paediatrician (I heard) and she is undergoing chemotherapy. Send your get well wishes to YuinYin, please or at least get to know what she is going through now.

Sometimes, blogs bring us closer together. Though we have never met the person, reading them makes us like we know them. So, when someone is in trouble, we keep an eye and see if they are getting better or otherwise.

Through the years, we have seen bloggers getting married, having babies and sadly one or two passed on as well. I am just echoing what Terence wrote two days ago. And until today, I still think about Lisa aka SCB and wonder how she is and whether she is improving. Anyone got any news about her? (Lisa is a blogger who is in coma.)

So, have a good weekend everyone! Live your life to the fullest! Enjoy. And remember those who are sick and in trouble and say a little prayer for them.

2 thoughts on “Please send your well wishes to YuinYin

  1. Latest update on Lisa from the blog dedicated for her is that she is now back and recuperating in her KL house. She is doing fine, can recognize her family members although she can’t talk, responding to many things around her, still can’t eat solid food.

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