Chicken porridge for the soul

My #1 used to stay in the hospital a lot when he was young. Island Hospital, Lam Wah Eee, Adventist, Loh Guan Lye and even Gleneagles in Penang. So, I am an expert in cooking ‘hospital moey’ or porridge served to the sick kids.


Nay….like the above one. Mince chicken and season with cornflour, pepper and salt. Then, cook a cup of rice with carrot, potato and spinach. I added onion and garlic for extra flavour. When the porridge is almost ready, only add in the chicken.

This morning, I prepared it for #1 because he got his knees and elbows injured (AGAIN!!!) when his bike crashed. No major injuries but those red patches are so ewws.

He was sleeping when I finished cooking it and after I scooped a bowl, my four years old ran to grab a stool and placed it next to his big bro’s bed.

He shouted from the room, “Mommy, I take chair to put kor-kor’s moey already. Come!!!”

Actually, I wanted to eat it myself. But the little one was so helpful and wanted to give his big kor-kor breakfast in bed.

He feels so useful running errands for the injured bro. And carrying stool and fetching water make him so helpful and happy in the meantime.

14 thoughts on “Chicken porridge for the soul

  1. the last time i got into hospital.. i came out worse. due to the disgustingness of hospitals food i became aneroxic. haha should saman or not?

  2. ooh…… this type of post of yours !!!

    very cute & lovely boy !!

    thought ko-ko got car driving licence edi……so dun ride motorbike lar…..damn worrying for a mom !!!

  3. soo sick rite now… so wish i had some one to cook me that yummy porridge… šŸ™

  4. Nice pic of the moey. Not a big moey fan myself but that certainly looks good.

    Can’t recall my lil’ sis did something nice for me when I was sick… šŸ˜›

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