“Not all bloggers are stupid, says Zam”

Muahahar, did Zam just called his fellow politicians, both ruling and opposition STUPID?!?!?!?!

Exactly what is blogger to Zam?

KUALA LUMPUR: Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin says not all bloggers are stupid as some of them are informative, knowledgeable and disseminate positive views on current issues.

The ones that were mostly goblok (stupid, in Indonesian) were political bloggers who float rumours and create hatred among the people, he said yesterday.

He said political bloggers “blatantly abused the freedom of the Internet.”

“Readers of these blogs read them to pass time and for fun, akin to reading a ghost story. The people must be able to distinguish between goblok bloggers and bloggers,” he added. – Bernama


How does Zam define blogger? Anyone knows?

19 thoughts on ““Not all bloggers are stupid, says Zam”

  1. Eh, i think your sponsorts may cut your funding soon… 😛 …

    but dont stop… money is not everything ok? hehe…

  2. I’m just wondering WHO is the wise one who has the right to judge which blog is a goblok blog and which is not.

  3. Angie T, sorry, Allakazam domain name is taken.

    I don’t think the statement will make zam-zam wiser. It is no different than saying, “My mom is a woman.”

    But if Zam pay me RM10,000 per month(must be 1 year contract), I don’t mind to apple polish him if he say, “Able was I, ere I saw Elba!”

  4. Not all ministers are stupid, some of them are knowledgeable and wise. The people must be able to distinguish between goblok ministers and ministers that make sense.

  5. Actually hor, do you ppl think this information minister, zam duno what kazam la… know how to use the computer or not? Hmmm… a lot of our ministers are dinosaur when it comes to IT you know. Maybe their mails are retrieved by their secretary leh… or their sex-a-story leh.. hahahaha…

    Anyway, I think this fella is a real nut case. He is a pure example of disgrace!

  6. Erm… Lilian, let me try to answer your last question. When all non-goblok bloggers, especially like you and me, go to Heaven, a blogger is someone like himself.

    Muahahahahahah!!! STUPIDITY at its best! And most interestingly, STUPIDITY did speak out! Too bad, STUPIDITY forgot that the world is watching!

    David C.s last blog post..Meat Dumpling

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