I was sitting on the couch with one of the son. Both of us were eating something. Then, hubby passed by and I asked,

“Darling…..you want some?”

My son jumped from his seat and pretended to vomit and acted like he had a seizure.

“Oi, what’s wrong? I cannot call my husband darling?”

Then, both of us, mother and son broke into laughter.

Well, I never used the term darling to call the hubby in public. The most pukey, hair-standing term is ‘dear’. The usuals are ‘Oh papa’ which is the exact tone like my kids call him. Or sometimes, when dear sounds a bit odd, I call him by his full name, including his surname.

Actually, I think many of us don’t usually go around calling the spouse in public with names like sweetheart, baby, honey, darling or those terms used by the angmohs.

So what are the terms you use to call to the spouse? I don’t mean the initial honeymoon stage where every damn names from porn movie to Mary Poppins sound good. I mean those stage where both of you already earned the title papa/daddy and mommy/mama.

Mine has called me with a very unflattering name which people thought is my Chinese name. Ah Bee. Ish! And yes, I do have some unmentionable names which I won’t share on a public blog.

So, dahlings sekalian, what you call your old man/fat lady? I don’t mean what you whispered into the ears. I mean the kind which you can use from one end of the supermarket to the other end. Like, “Honey….do you think I should buy the Australian or China honey?”

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  1. hahah..good one,when am out with the bf shopping i would call him “Sayang” although hes not Malaysia but still don’t know why i like using that word,he on the other hand uses baby or girl and the lists goes on..
    But then am in NZ so no one cares whatever you call ur other half..

  2. By his last name and he calls me like I’m his daughter, Girl. hahahha!!! But it’s a matter of getting used to it. Once you’ve started using it no way you can stop right?

  3. oo…..just call baby la….sometimes he calls me sayang too. it’s vice versa…but if in front of parents, first names la. paisey mar….lol šŸ˜›

    btw, you’ve been tagged on my baby blog. šŸ™‚

  4. Haha…interesting topic~

    I call her “BiBi” and she also call me “BiBi”.
    Not confusing at all.

    We both dear “BiBi” to each other~hehehe šŸ˜›

  5. ‘Darling’ – most of the time, even in front of family and friends

    Each other’s first names – when we happen to operate a flight together, must maintain professionalism mah

    ‘Fei Chai!’ – me to him when I am being mean

  6. my dad – macho man, usually refer to my mum in front of the children as ‘mummy’ but in normal conversation with her around, he doesn’t really address her but he’ll be more gentle with his speech and look at her. šŸ™‚

    my mum – definitely much passionate, will call my dad, lou gong~~ haha.

  7. Hubby calls me love or girl. Been calling me that since our dating days.
    I call him sayang.

  8. hehe, mine same with guaisaujai, called my husband as BB and he call me BB as well. But sometimes, I will call him leng chai (sarcastically) when we are having argument. ^^

    “Or lou chin chai” when he play chor dai di, “sui yeh” when he irritated me and “woi” when he can’t heard me..or pretend not to hear me. -____-“

  9. WOI! So many geli names, I read until my hair stand already. Bear-bear, eow siew, sayang, honey, ewwwss…I hope I am not caught in between your conversation or I sure pengsan wan.

  10. i just got married not long ago.. when we were dating, it was hard to find a suitable name to call.. he called me sunshine, love, baby n etc and i called him baby.. now after awhile, he followed my mum by calling me bebee/ beeeee/ cute bebee.. but then i still call him baby :p~

  11. Bill Cosby said there comes a time in life when a man changes his name to “Dad Can I”

  12. You know, angmohs always call honey, sugar, sweetiepie, honeybunch…we should start something Malaysian lar…I highly recommend kaya…any takers?

  13. The positive thing we can read from all the comments above is that love and humour is still present in the married / dating life of 5xmom’s readers (those who bothered to comment lah).

    We should all give each other a pat on the back for keeping romance alive. Woohoo!!!!

  14. Call la… OI!!! if not answer.. OOOOIIII!!!! walk up and poke shoulder… Deaf Issit??

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