Of Bak kua – BBQ pork (injuries) and keloids

I had been telling my #1 son to stay far-far away from me because his wounds look exactly like the bak kua or Chinese BBQ minced pork which is red in colour.

But the more I geli (feeling pukey) the more he loves to torment me. Last night, both of us were sitting down for supper. I was eating or-kueh or yam cake. He put his elbow on the dining table and I shooed him away.

“Uwekkkk….get that elbow off my views. I cannot eat looking at your bak-kua.”

You know what he did? He put the bloody elbow nearer and asked me if I need more chili sauce. Puke, puke, puke.

“Want more chili sauce, I squeeze some for you?”

Anyway, the wounds are minor, i.e. no deep gash but my boy asked me what to avoid eating to prevent getting keloids. My answer is – Don’t freaking ride so fast and crash and get so many wounds!

Of course, I am not such a cruel mom. I don’t think there is anything we can do to avoid keloids because it is pretty genetic. Either you get it or you don’t. Alternative, a plastic surgeon can give injections for better scar recovery. Last time, one of the plastic surgeon gave me a few shots and the scars on my boobies are hardly noticeable. And no, I didn’t have a boob job. It was a breast biopsy, ok?

Again, what did your mom asked you not to eat so you don’t get unsightly scars? I don’t believe all those mumbo-jumbos like no dark soya sauce or black coffee. Do you?

15 thoughts on “Of Bak kua – BBQ pork (injuries) and keloids

  1. i have an ugly looking scar on my knee, fell on basketball court about 10 years ago. The scar didn’t heal, it grew into a small mountain like meat now. ugly, but im used to it. šŸ™ those stupid little kids always come poke at the meat. šŸ™ I used to bang into the meat very often because i always forgot about the fact tht i needed extra spacing for the meat. damn damn. according to many ppl, it is resulted from the usage of some wound healing powder

  2. Show pictures lah. I like bak kua. Red is my favourite colour too.

    I send you some pictures of dried mince meat from my work files. Lagi sedap! LOL.

  3. terence – LOOK AT THE CLOCK!!!! Woi, keep your spaghetti sauce to yourself, ok?

    xin – Yeah, some ppl do tend to get it worse than others. Some had the big ugly bump for their BCG also. Remember don’t go for tattoo or else…..

  4. 5xmom, i think sometimes those old saying sure mean something kua. No dark soya sauce, no eggs, no seafood, no ginger (ginger will make the scar looks like tree branches wor). hehehe I did follow what ppl say and my wound are healing nicely so far… minus the radiotherapy effect now la. Oh and have u heard about Mederma gel? for scar healing wan, my doctor got prescribe dat for me. Go get from pharmacy la but can only use after the wound closed properly.

  5. I have lots of keloids on my legs (from learning to skate). After many years they are less noticeable, of course scrub while bath also do its job. Now technology is advance, maybe you can consider the keloids patch from pharmacy

  6. No seafood! No kicap (dont know why)!

    I’ve got keloids all over, cannot be saved liao. The most noticeable one is on my left shoulder, omg like banjaran titiwangsa! šŸ™

  7. i too have keloid’s, as the doctor told me, there is no way to prevent it, so far, its only steroid jabs to reduce the size of the scar.

    lately one of my friends went for cyrotheraphy, which is using liquid nitrogen to freeze the scar , not too sure of the procedures, but i can see that its very painful and she has got to go back for treatments on a monthly basis for 4 months.

  8. No seafood(esp prawns!) and no egg.

    No idea y, but mom said it’ll heal slower. But i main hentam makan also. Taken from the words of Dr.Liew, “Eat first, Die later” =P

  9. Heard about not eating the dark dark stuff… Anyway, am looking for tips as a friend is healing from 2nd degree burns and she’s worried about keloids, and hypherthrophic burn scars.

    Her last option is to head to the plastic surgeon…

  10. Erm.. From my personal experiences i will avoid dark coloured stuffs too, NOW. Well, i used to fall down a lot as i am a very clumsy little girl. Then, i did not listen to my grandma’s word and eat heaps of dark stuffs. Thus, my scars all are in a darker shade rather than a lighter shade as it usually is. Sigh.. Now, as you can guess, am actually hating my darker coloured scars.. (Not that i like my light colour ones either..)

  11. I noticed that if you dont eat anything that is high protein while your scar is healing, the forming of keloid is less noticeable or none at all la…

    I read somewhere it has to do with high protein food accelerate the healing process and cause excess formation of scar tissues wor. Also ah.. if the scar is not properly healed as in no more pain when press or not red anymore hor, you cannot clever clever go use Vitamin E ah. If not, it can make you get keloid ah… This! my doctor say one… when my face was cut up from a fallen blinds. The metal part tore some part of my face.. I got 22 stitches and I must say the doctor was very skillful to patch back all my torn flesh with very fine stitching. Now got no scar at all although I do tend to develop keloid. Recovery period was nearly 1 year.

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