Routine? What routine?

Yvy who is going to have her first baby really, really soon asked me how a new mom manages. She wants to know about the routine we maintain when we have kids.

Well, Yvy, you can forget about the word routine once kecik is here. I tell you, this is one of the most precious parenting advice, not found in any parenting book. You basically live for kecik and have to put away all your needs. Sometimes, we do not even have time to poo-poo. However, you must make time for that because constipation with episiotomy is like giving birth all over again.

(two months old)

Other than that, the only time you can have ‘me’ time is when:

1) You drop the baby to someone else;

2) They have their girlfriends;

Oh ya, forget about sex as well because kid is going to cry somewhere in the middle of action. Plus you no longer get to eat your meals at regular hours. Sometimes, a quick dash to the kitchen to flush some hot water onto oats is all the time we can afford.

(yeah, I know my kid is very cute)

Did I also tell you that when you need to poo, you don’t get to close the door because your baby probably needs to hear your voice. So you need to learn to poo in two pushes. You cannot even count the time, just two big push, clean and that’s it.

(this little monkey here was less than 2 years old. He threw my house keys out of the window and caused me to get locked inside the house)

Of course, you no longer get to shampoo your hair, scrub your body, enjoy a long bath or shower. So long as you get rid of the grime, vomit, poo (baby’s ones, not yours lol), urine and later on, spitted mash carrots, then you are good to go. Yes, we sometimes bath and had to sing lullaby at the same time. Meaning with the shampoo running into the eyes, you have to shout loud enough to tell baby that you are around so he won’t scream.


So, if you ask me if I have routine, I will tell you – Forget it. Just jump in and go with the flow. Let your kid decides and it will be much easier to deal with. So, Yvy, enjoy whatever me-time you have no ‘cos it will be a long time before you get to do that.

I am sure the rest of the moms here are going to tell you the same thing.

And the dads-to-be (WOI! you reading ah?), you guys have it much easier than us mommies.

Anyway, things get easier and it is fun, really.

24 thoughts on “Routine? What routine?

  1. hahaha!! ya, lilian….now a bit scared la. but i’m a super woman! i can DO IT!!!! lol šŸ˜› hopefully…… *no pengsan, no pengsan, no pengsan*

  2. Lilian, you hit the target! No routine, take in everything with a stride. But it is definitely rewarding. Good luck, Yvy!

  3. Lilian
    i agree with u.
    And it’s become habit to me…always open the bath room’s and toilet’s door..Arrghhhhh…

  4. Ha ha ha…reading it brings back memories of those early days of motherhood. Actually now too still have to pangsai without closing the door entirely just to hear what those two rascals are up to.

  5. Birth rate will hit all time low soon…. you have just freak out many who are planing for babies

  6. Babies are nature’s contraceptives.

    One baby is all it takes to say bye-bye to the most important letter in any parent’s alphabet – S (s = sleep and sex)!

    This comment was brought to you today by the letter S! šŸ˜‰

  7. wow, thanks for making me feel “normal” ! it’s truly comforting to knw that i’m not the only crazy one in the world, lol. dat’s a 2-month old matthew?? looks a bit like jeff yah?

    p/s>>to avoid constipation with episiotomy, i found that a daily dose of Duphalac really helps. the poo poo still came out nicely even tho i hadnt been doing biznez for more than a week!!

  8. Aiyah.. where got so cham?? No la…

    Shower when baby sleeping lor.. of course with the door open la… why shy ah?

    Carry baby into the toilet to pangsai lor… why cannot ah? Put pram or bouncing net or even basket la…

    When it is time for you to eat, you eat lor… let the baby cry a bit la.. No harm done 1 la… of course you cannot have banquet time la. Just eat and berambus la…

    Sleep time? When it is time to sleep, you sleep la.. of course you adjust the routine a bit la. Last time my style is, I bring my baby up to the room at 8pm and start la the routine of feeding, pom-pom or wipe face and wash hands and feet for baby, change diapers and to pyjamas, play a bit, sing lullaby and by 9.30pm, put my baby into the baby cord, pull up the barrier and off light! Sleep time while I go shower. Of course, initially gotta pat a bit la.. but once baby get to 6 months, baby know liao.. off lights means KOON time! I just turn a deaf ear to all the whining and crying and go shower la. By 8 months, everything kowtim! No need to go war… Baby must train 1 la…. you give in to everything, than no life lor. Some more if you are working, lagi chia lat to give in all the time. No la…

    So hor, by the time my baby turn 2 years old, well trained liao. See me get up and go kitchen, she know how to pull out stool and sit and wait for lunch to be served. Eat already know how to walk to the toilet and simply wipe mouth with her wet hankie that I leave it there when I go take her lunch.

    When it is time to sleep afternoon nap, she knows how to take all her barang-barang and go roll on the mattress with her milk. Dont sleep also wont get up.. just roll around while mommy read newspaper ker, watch TV ker, talk with friends ker or simply dreaming. Mommy never say can get up, wont get up one…… Train la tu!

  9. Hahaah, so many tips from lauzhabor.

    Thanks you all the mommies hor? Lucky you agree with me, no life, no time, non existence until baby grow up.

  10. it’s a bliss to have a child. To have one, I could never imagine what type of Mum would I be. I would most definitely want to be a mom like my mom. The Super Strong Independant MOM.

    it would not be an easy thing to juggle but I think as time comes along, and 5 kids like that, I think it’s much easier.

    I wana have kids!!!

  11. Haha. When got one baby dat time hor, one will watch mommy pansai, when got two dat time, put one on toilet seat to pansai together with mommy and smaller one lie down on mat outside bathroom door to watch. Like dat lor.

    If you’re lucky and got help for housework good, otherwise your bathroom look like public toilet oso nvm, no time mah. If visitor come to your hse dat time, just charge them to use the “public” toilet.

    In other words, forget about housework! Its not important. Hehe.

  12. I agree with you. Sometimes, when people asked me, bila #3 coming. I will smile. I don’t mind the baby but the pain. Aiyoh……………..

  13. salute to all moms!!! i am still trying to wander what happens when my #2 comes along …maybe 1 in toilet 1 outside toilet…needs lotsa training lo…

  14. omg…a lot of tips here!! but to think i have to pangsai with door open la, mandi pun tak senang la – haiz, it’s going to be really ‘fun’!! lol

    thanks for all the tips ladies… šŸ™‚

  15. agnes comment make me laugh so hard!! haha true wor, got many of times i also pangsai with bb securely in basin or something on the floor, but she can crawl all over the place, hv to leave her in crib so i can pang sai and shower in peace. sometimes, i bring her in the shower with me and shower together liao..kill 2 bird with one stone mah.

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