Asians vs. the world

There was this discussion going on that Asians generally have bad English because English is not our first language. So things went on and on and on. I am not taking sides because I know many Malaysian bloggers have very bad English so I couldn’t say anything, really. My English is not perfect too.

But then, I think many people who are not exposed to the corporate world, mix with multinationals people, traveled the world can actually understand that English is not the be all, end all. They have very enclosed views and hence, we cannot change some of those minds.

Yes, I was pissed that people actually think that just because they popped out of their neeamah chao hye, they have better English. Which is not. Unless they go to skool and study hard hard. LOL. If you ask me, I think the most terrific ones are the Indian nationals. Their programming is the best. They are hardworking. They speaks the Queen’s English. India and Malaysia were colonised by the British and we are lucky in that sense.

So, yeah, Asians have less opportunities in a certain company. I am not going to grumble about that because it is no point debating as the money lies in the hands of the advertisers. But, I wish to point out that the advertisers are going to miss out a lot in many ways.

1) Say if you want to pay ten bucks. Will you pay :

Blogger A who have a higher traffic but live out of your country


Blogger B who lives in a location you want but have miniscule traffic?


The above is a screenshot of my #2 blog, Make$ Money$ which shows :
The blog has 17.9% traffic from USA
It ranks 43 K in the USA


And that’s the traffic.

2) Say you want someone to write about general things, will you find someone who have traveled the world?

Without generalising, I dare to say that many of us Malaysians take a five USD post because it is not RM5. It is RM17. If say, someone approached me to write something for them and wish to pay me RM5, I will probably give them a whack. And this is being very polite already. We have lawyers, engineers, analysts, teachers and other professions whom had been educated overseas who are producing those posts. But will the same kind of professionals in the USA bother to do this? No. I shall not elaborate further, you guess what I am trying to say?

3) The power of the internet lies in the hand of those who are skilled in SEO because the internet is a borderless world.

Well, I am not an expert yet but I know my blogs and my paid posts have given wonderful results to the advertisers. Time and again, my post has been the landing page which lead the potential clients to the advertisers home page.

In conclusion, I am not the least perturbed that things went this way now. I can see hiccups and potential in that too. So, yeah, I have said my piece.

And one of the respected blogger, Andy Beard (the guy who created the falling snowflakes?) had said this:

Whilst I can understand why certain advertisers might prefer a very much regional perspective, or might want to ship samples to those reviewing something, I think it would be important to note that country of residence is not the same as where readers come from.

Hopefully you can find a way of also monitoring traffic sources and provide that as some kind of GEO-Targeting

ADDED : oneoneoneone_1111111_satusatusatusatu_yatyatyat

(108 MILLION and I am on #1 again – Google page rank going up going down. Heh. Sorry I have to blur the keywords ‘cos those are trade secrets. Ahem.)

I have almost eliminated paid posts from my Make$ Money? and Best Recipe blogs because I am taking good care of them to be my golden geese. My advice to other bloggers is to work on your blog and make it worth reading. It will pay off in the long run.

13 thoughts on “Asians vs. the world

  1. This is an inspiring post… can’t agree more with what Andy has to say. And I thought online marketing is about going ‘GLOBAL”?

  2. Oh you forgot ….

    Would you want to pay

    Blogger A who lives in your country but writes English that sucks?


    Blogger B who lives elsewhere with perfect English

    I think they have forgotten that the driving force for traffic on the internet is not the country of origin. The www is a seamless world so why all this segmentation?

  3. Oh yes,…the loyar writes sponsored post as well. I think his pay is not big enough and that’s why he has to supplement his income.

  4. but but but…. tho our english is very “si beh kao lat” hor… our sentences can express the ummph there mah! look at those angmoh goody english post will make me fall asleep. they think they r writing harry potter story meh.

  5. I wonder if they read Thomas Friedman’s The World Is Flat . People from I & C are tryngto grab their golden bowls lah…;D

    Btw, are you guys following Raja Petra’s stuffs ? Phew…more and more truth surfaces…and being dug out. At least, someone voices out on behalf of the rakyats.

  6. i think that what matters is that you can get your point across.

    so what if we have grammar mistakes here and there?

    not *everyone* can be grammatically correct *all* of the time, right?

    even native speakers, maaa…

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