Secret tip to get people to read and comment

When you have ran out of rants
And politics seem like no ends
You have nothing in your plans
But blog you must to please your fans


Put a photo of your lunch
Though it looks kinda bland
Still I have a hunch
Readers say they want a munch


Ciabatta, ham, cheese and melted mozarella
Son said, “Mom!!! You say cibai tua, ah!”
I scolded and say Italian name lah!
Shaddap, eat and pigi blah!


Discovery Channel showing Singkapoh history
Make it into such a glamourous story
Me Malaysian very puzzled and angry
Why our glorious past never looks so hunky-dory

That’s why I choose a chao petai
The stinkiest beans smell oso can die
For 50 years have already gone by
We are not moving but petty like sai


Talk about tall buildings and Formula One
NCER and whatever megastructure di ambang awan (in the clouds)
Kids still have to sweat and raise funds
Because the Government say Cina, missionary schools, kita tarak mau kawan

Lu sindiri pigi cari wang dan tampal your broken roofs
Raise your own money and we don’t give a hoot
Teacher died due to fall from broken floor
Have we rakyat forgotten all the bocors?

Heh, terror leh. I started with nothing to write and still can end up with some craps.

BTW, is there any Convent Green Lane ex-students reading this? Your school needs to raise RM150K for repairs. They are having a food fair and tickets are on sale.

SWT! Read my old post on Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno and note the last para. OMG, Tony Pua made a police report and in his blog, he quoted my post. But usual lah, nothing will be done to these sort of thing.

19 thoughts on “Secret tip to get people to read and comment

  1. i tot CGL sudah dikebangsaankan? kebangsa oredi still gaoment dunwan to give money ah??

  2. So you did subscribe and read Mkini report about Port Klang Free Zone? I am going to subscribe Mkini to read the article. Can you suggest some “cooling food” for it?

    BTW, Pak Lah old school has been allocated 4 mils. KNNCCB!!

  3. I taught in CGL before. Sooi Sooi.. nama saja diperkebangsaankan.. tapi grant sekolah masih 50% 50%. Tu sebab ramai olang tidak gembira… ada sekolah di swak masih kekalkan SMB.. sekola menegah bantuan… and not SMK… sekola kebangsaan kerajaan….

  4. hobart – Yalor, like yr school and also SXI, all need the old boys to help finance or else lingkup already.

    Cikgu choonie – Ya, they provide the administration costs but any other things, sindiri tanggung.

    moo_t – Dunwan ler, I sked later I turn so-po blogger. Tak mau!!!!!]

    sooi2 – Only the G.B. dikebangsaankan. LOL.

    pablo – When I start oso no plan to go political.

    bryan – yayaya, act of semi value god

  5. keng!! ** salute **

    haiii… my school oso the same. missionary sudah di-kebangsaankan but still need more monies… šŸ™

  6. Dari lunch you makan apa
    Sampai hantam sekolah mission tarak duit
    Dari kes bocor sampai sekolah mintak derma
    Dari Singkahpoh pigi Malaysia
    Dari history sampai sini story
    Dari mula hingga akhir you boleh cover Malaysia history
    I salute you lah auntie
    Dari Kampua Talk kepada 5xMom! šŸ˜€

  7. if this is considered nothing to write… then when you really have something to write… you can do up a novel!

    ‘sam jiu’ la… u think they will do anything… will the mouth bite the hands that feed it?

  8. You say later the police will have to take print screen of your post to present to the court as evidence ah? LoL…

    But then I wonder do they know what’s print screen lah. :p

  9. lol… macam tu pun boleh XD but i really wanna bite it lor!! cheese!! i’m a darn sucker for cheese!!! šŸ˜€

    and yeah, reminds me back in my secondary school days… i study in chinese private secondary school, 5 out of 6 of my schooling years we need to go out to raise funds for our school to improve on our infrastructure. well it’s quite a fun experience tho, we get to go sooo many places like penang kelantan pahang melaka just to raise fund for a school in kl, happy leh… šŸ˜›

  10. Take a picture of my lunch – this is a good idea. Actually it can also be where ever I go for lunch. But should I start taking pictures, people would think why is this person so weird. Won ton mee stall; she also wanna capture in the camera. Must be a new camera.

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