You cannot have your flag and eat it (Jalur Gemilang, Merdeka)

My blog buddy MageP who sometimes keep in touch with me on MSN with our Hokkien cuss words warned last night. He knows I like to bake cakes and on Merdeka, I normally participate in Merdeka Open House ala alam siber where we bake and cook things to show our patriotic blood.

So, MageP has kindly warned me that I cannot bake a cake with Jalur Gemilang. Neither can I make kueh merdeka. No jelly too. And don’t decorate my nasi kunyit with blue, red and white. MageP is soooooo concerned for me. Kam siah, MageP.

*facial muscles aching liao*

Too bad I cannot make it to KL or else I will bake a cake for MageP. Eh, lu ai laukau or lampah kek leh?

Folks, it’s now official that the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka get-together will be held on the weekend before the Merdeka Day!

Date: 25th August 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 2030 hrs till Glory!
Venue: Blog House (66, Lorong Setiabistari, Damansara Heights)

OK, excuse me before I burst a vein. Tenkiu to my other crazy fren who likes to make me laff when I am not supposed to. I training liao on how to stiffle laughter. You all read and don’t laugh, ok? Remember hor? You cannot eat anything that looks vaguely like something. If your kid loves Barney don’t bake a Barney cake and cut, kill and eat Barney. Later Barney turned into shit, how your kid feels lah? *smacks everyone’s head*

Ta ta, weekend!

8 thoughts on “You cannot have your flag and eat it (Jalur Gemilang, Merdeka)

  1. Shaz – LOL, just as real as THE Shazmin & Richard! Great, you are a blogger too. *off to link Shaz*

    OMG, peeples, Shazmin the DJ reads my blog!

  2. Ya lah, if you bake bendera cake later jalur gemilang turns into shit then how??? You say lah!!

    It’s already enough shit at the pariament liao lah!

  3. Wahhh, so PC. we all transit to notebook computer liao.

    p/s: PC = Personal Computer. OTH, PC also means Political correctness.

  4. Lilian, going to comment something off-topic here. Go visit this page (sorry ree nee, I edited the link)

    Hope you will be interested!

    Those living in Penang can go too!

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