Weekend family time


KidChan who is in Penang had char koay teow with my family last night and he enjoyed chee cheong chook very much. But I didn’t bring out my camera to take a photo with him because he is like THE photographer so it is kinda scary to bring out a camera and take pictures with a person like that, no?

Anyway, the above is my dinner today.


If I look super-hiao, it is because my kid was pushing both hubby and my heads together and we ended up looking like Siamese twins, which we are, really.


Nice oysters with cheese.


My do-re-mi-(fa)-so.

And yeah, I am still wearing the red WordPress T-shirt.

9 thoughts on “Weekend family time

  1. helen – Yes meh? Haiyor, he so mysterious, issit?

    mama23beas – How are you! You can buy up 4xmom already.

    bee ean – Small pic oni oso can see?

    ehon – Handsome hor?

    (terence is going to say “But ALL Lohs are HENSEM)

    lex – No lor…still wearing, 1 week already. LOL

  2. 5xmom,
    Thank you so much for being me for dinner. I am really humbled by you hospitality!

    Next time, in kl let me be the tour guide ok? but must camwhore lah!


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