Insane or what? (Actually about Sime Darby and NCER, GE, Lim Kit Siang)

GUEST POST – Kasi komen kat sana

I made a guest post at Go read Do you have what it takes to be a blogger? and please leave a comment for me. Tolong kasi manyak-manyak komen sebab saya mau tunjuk besar. Muahahar…

I think I am a little insane to be so thick skin and guest post on someone’s blog. Somemore a total stranger and what more a white cow with blue spots! Do you know that it is awfully scary to do guest post on other’s blog? Their readers may hate you and keep quiet. That kind of thing can be very nerve wrecking. It is like going on stage and make a joke and no one laughs. I had guest posted on AhPek and Terence‘s blogs. I can tell you that is very, very stressful. Even if no one read the blog. (hides from Terence)


Now, I really appreciate those guest posts on my new blog at 5xmom v2.0. Thank you guys, a lot. I wanted to do a 50 reasons I love Malaysia and I stopped after Day 2.


I am pissed with the daily front page news where our leaders kept bragging about ‘Share it’, ‘We are fair’ and all those things. After 50 years and you are still trying to comfort us with those words? It shouldn’t appear in the first place. By fifty years, we should have established our Bangsa Malaysia and celebrate Merdeka together without our leaders trying to whitewash and cover our eyes with rose tinted glasses. We cannot live with the kind of mixed messages. One day one leader say we what-what faith country, next day, another said we are not.


I normally do not like to get drawn into any big issues but I was just reading about NCER and Sime Darby. How our leaders claim to bring development to the poor farmers but somewhere in between those lines, how these farmers are going to be so dependent on a giant conglomerate. I do not have a scanner so I cannot show you the article.


Bah, let’s bring on the Malaysia General Election. Two elections ago, I had such fantastic time reading flyers given out by the ruling party and also the oppositions. I followed Lim Kit Siang around to listen to his singing ‘Ai pneah cha eh eah’. His karaoke drawn bigger crowds than those hungry ghost concerts with skimpy dressed Ah Lians.


I am looking forward to GE, the blog age style. My blog is for rent. Opposition, ruling, independent parties. Highest bidder wins. I can do text link ads, paid posts and even embed videos. Any videos, even x-rated ones of your opponents. Faster make booking now.


Peoples, if you need a job, look up AllyHunt. If you have a heart, go and learn how we can save the Sumatran rhinos. Nope. Clicking on my banner ads will not make me richer or get me banned from nuffnang.


My title? You can ask me, Insane or what? So many topics, so many things.

10 thoughts on “Insane or what? (Actually about Sime Darby and NCER, GE, Lim Kit Siang)

  1. hi lilian,
    i totally agree with u on ur opinion about the ‘share it’ n ‘we are fair’.
    if d above phrase is a fact, they wont have to keep on trying to convince us, right?
    if this is not the ‘near election’ season, it wll be
    ‘dont u dare question our rights to the share!’
    n ‘if u dont like us being unfair, go back to china!’
    i love our country n but d current situation is pathetic!!.

  2. Yet another SEO effort bring to you by 5xmom.

    Well, that give us the idea, let’s swamp the search engine about Malaysia GE with blogs, bwahahahahaa.

  3. All those words of sharing and fair only makes me want to see more rockets in parliament. Maybe that’s what they mean, they want to share the parlimentary seats. šŸ˜›

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