Malaysia for world domination! Yeah, rite…..

Bloggers, beware. Webmasters, beware. Hosting companies, beware. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Division chairman Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said…

– special laws to take action against webmasters and bloggers, including foreigners, or locals who published comments, sketches or reports aiming to slander or insult the sanctity of Islam and the country’s constitution, be it locally or abroad;

special laws to enable the extradition of bloggers, webmasters, foreigners or locals who spread lies, insult Islam or the constitution, instigating tension and enmity among different ethnic groups; and,

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(Penang got haze lah, just show you a photo I took yesterday noon. See haze?)

Remember, don’t tell lies. If you are fat and ugly, please don’t camwhore your photoshop photos to show someone thin and beautiful. If you are balding, please don’t wear a toupee and try to pass off as Donald Trump. If you are a housewife, please don’t claim to be a blogger. If you are old, please don’t use your 18 years old photo as your avatar.

(see haze lah)

Eh, Bryan, you sked or not? You are my webmaster wor.

Excuse me while I go laugh somemore.

23 thoughts on “Malaysia for world domination! Yeah, rite…..

  1. Am I liable to that law if I am not 18 yet? I feel like saying he is stupid but I can’t.

    I feel like saying that he stop people from knowing what he don’t know, like HTML and SEO but I can’t. Cheh..

  2. ok la ok la… i have to say i am stupid and ugly and brainless… else they say i am lying…

    eh…. haze eh… i see different things… 😛

  3. I like your pictures. Bangunan boleh berdiri sama-sama (Buildings can stand together). Berdiri sama tinggi (Together stand tall). Duduk sama rendah (Together sit tall), In all humility we as human beings can’t (?). Where is unity and tolerance in the scheme of things… Menjunjung kasih kepada DYYM Tuanku Sultan Selangor dan DYMM Tuanku Raja Muda Perak.

    Lilian, their Majesties have spoken.

    Anchua Pak Lah?

  4. How about special laws to put all the stupid/greedy/heartless/ a.k.a politicians on one island, so that they can live in their own boleh land and leave us alone?
    Read this:

    And that Mohomedx2 tried to morph fr a salted fish to starting swimming again? (catonese: hum yi fan sang)?

  5. Wahahahaha!! Lilian swee char bor ah.. you finish laughing already or not? I still laughing… Wahahahahaha….

    Oh boy! that fella is more than stupid! Oh dear… oh dear… Hahahahahahaha… How ah in this world got so stupid people wor….

    Si Boh.. now I have to say I am damn lau char bor….

  6. If government gonna catch all the bloggers n throw them into jail, then mah no more ppl voting for election lor? I am very sure a lot of malaysians blog.

  7. samm – Ya, you need to proof how many uncles you have. LOL.

    littlepolaris – Aww..I hope I make you smile. (just read yr post)

    clare – Kesian……

    lau cha bor – Actually hor, this one is just one of the ‘joke’ of the day. There is an even bigger one.

    wendy – Mesti takut.

    wuching – Dun sked

    Leah – Thanks for Alfred’s link. I read thru and will share his laments soon.

    rizlan – I don’t know if ‘they’ geddit but I do see that as a very strong reminder. I am touched with the desire for unity expressed by His Majesty. Daulat Tuanku.

    (hope I use the right address?)

    moo_t – and they wonder why ppl make fun of them

    zewt – Yeah, that’s a poweful reminder. All have to stand together because the differences are so vast and yet, we have to live together.

    yee piao – Kenot, later you have to sit there and wait to reach 18+

    terence – Ya, ya, super duper hensem.

  8. O dear!!!! I’m shaking in my pants already!!!! NOT!!!! hahahaha ( Like My country is gonna extradite me for soemthing so stupid hehehehe.. they dopnt even extradite malaysians who might get the death sentence!!!)
    Lies??? okie so I cannot lie… that man is an IDIOT!!!!

    Careful Lilian , they might say you lie abput that haze. Haze??? Maybe its not haze its just a beautiful mist…. hehehehe

  9. Just read the third para…LOL With promises of citizenship revocation.. there will a sharp increase in blogs on this “topic”


    I sked til lao sai liao!!!!!!





    i think they should be awarded joker of the year!

    i’m SOOOO ASHAMED to be living in this “cunt tree”

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