5xmom in a phone

My HENSEM number one fansee sent me these photos. I suakoo because I am now using a prepaid Digi with no internet access. So, I have never surf the net using my phone before.


And he said the best thing about reading my blog on his phone is…..



CILAKA. If no ads, how you think I got motivation to blog lah! Anyway, sebentar lagi saya ada banyak itu duit-duit mia post. Jangan anjing betina hor? Mau cari makan susah sikalang. Going to be hungry ghost liao.

2 thoughts on “5xmom in a phone

  1. then readers will be like…shit, the more i read, the richer 5xmom will be. memang cilaka betul! XD

    *delete 5xmom from my RSS list*


  2. wahh… time to start conquering the mobile content market. 🙂

    anyway, hard to convert normal website to be shown on mobile phone. besides that, not sure how the ads work but maybe the ad script is not supported by the mobile phone-le, because mobile phone is either on WML or XHTML or cHTML. 😛

    Sorry i sound so geek but it is just to say that needs a bit of tweaking at your webhost to support all mobile phones-lo.

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