Facebook – Are you in it yet?

Someone asked me, “WTF is this Facebook? I have received so many mails asking me to join.”

I joined a month ago because Owen buzzed me. However, I hate such social communities because it is annoying to receive requests from strangers for friendship. Sooooo boring….. I have MySpace, Multiply, Friendster, RobinHood and many, many more communities like these plus Flickr.

But you know what? Facebook is not spammy at all. So far, I have received request to add only bloggers and relatives only. None of those ‘lonely man seeking woman’ kinda rubbish on Multiply and Friendster.

So, join Facebook lah! It’s cool. And I think this is my Profile.

I have 17 friends in Facebook and they include bloggers, my niece, my nephew’s friend (PalmDoc) who said I am the auntie of Dr. HM Goh lol what a long intro and overall, I don’t know where to find people to add. Blek, I am lost. I even started a Group because I was playing with the buttons and all and another group said, “Hey, why did you start another Bloggers in Malaysia group? You boycott us ah?” Which of course is not because, no one invited me to join! 183 of them and no one remembers to poke me to join.

*sobs* Let me go to a corner and sit quietly.

4 thoughts on “Facebook – Are you in it yet?

  1. Woohoo .. nice to see you on FaceBook. There’s so many things you can do there. Do you play Scrabble? or Chess? .. If so, I’ll play you a game.

  2. hhahaha…. lonely man seeking companion looking for u? LOL!!!

    not yet only… i am sure such virus will infect facebook before u know it.

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