No car is the excuse

Today, August 15th is a day of obligation for Catholics like me. Obligation day means we must celebrate mass or go to church. But being the blur Catholic, I had to ask my kids what is Assumption Day. They give me a ‘What!!! You are the mother, how can you not know?’ look.

So, I had to Google to find out. *roll eyes*

“having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.”[1] This means that Mary was transported into Heaven with her body and soul united. The feast day recognizing Mary’s passage into Heaven is celebrated as The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Roman Catholics.

(Tks to Wiki, visit the site for the beautiful paintings)

I had planned to go to church for the 12 noon mass but guess what? I got no car! Hubby and son took the two cars. For the first time, since so many long, long years, I am car-less. Car-less mean leg-less. Kaki-less. Where I stay, there is no bus plying the route. Heh, not like I am that faithful to drag my four years old to the road side in the burning hot afternoon to take one stinky bus anyway. And calling a taxi will be too expensive. Asking someone to pick me is too stressful. Who knows, at the last minute, my kid decides church-no-nice-dunwan-go. I wish I can ride a bike because I have two at home now. A Yamaha scooter and another bigger bike.

Anyway, my main post for the day is here. And yeah, I confessed I skip church. You got a problem with that? And I am not sure if obligation day means fasting? Never mind…

5 thoughts on “No car is the excuse

  1. Happy Feast Day!

    My mom had to drag me out of bed early this morning since I cannot go to the afternoon or evening mass today.

    Anyway, it is a beautiful day outside (looks mendung) and hope that it’ll be a good day for you.

    No evening mass at Penang?

  2. They give me a ‘What!!! You are the mother, how can you not know?’ look.

    Assumption Day sounds like Mother’s day ,minus the commercial. 🙂

  3. Did not have the chance to tenkiu for reminding me of the mass. When I read your post yesterday, I rushed out to fetch my son a little earlier from his kindergarten and dashed to church. Kamsiah.

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