Tips for those who like to ping PPS twice…

at least have the farking decency to wait till your lame post is off the main page before you ping again.  You think PPS is what ah?  Your constipation medication?  Satu hari, makan dua tiga kali.  Kasi itu tahi sembur merata-rata?  Please lah, if your blog sucks hor, it sucks.  You can ping every hour also it sucks.

BTW, I notice that nowadays, there are less posts about ‘how to make money’ pinging PPS.  Nice!  More space for me.   Muahaharrrrr…

And if you want to bitch about the double and sometimes quadruple pings I made with one single post, go scold Screamyass.  It is the line that is slow, not my fault.  I hit the Publish button and nothing happens.  I hit and hit and hit and hit.  Then, four pings got through to PPS.  Not I spam, ok?

12 thoughts on “Tips for those who like to ping PPS twice…

  1. Multiple pings at the same time could be due to browser or streamyx line problem.

    But pinging 3 times a day is desperate, lame, coward, useless, moron, asshole………

    I never ping to PPS. My #1 fansee does it for me. This is called femes. LOL.

  2. Ehhh… It’s a combo of browser + screamyx problem.

    Yeap, less pings about making $$$ blog, which leaves space for a lot more interesting posts to read!! (Yea, including 5xmom’s – aiyooo… I so bodek today…)

  3. AngieT – You notice too hor?

    Terence – Aiks, who is your #1 fansi?

    gaman – No wonder! I was wondering why some of my posts don’t appear. Anyway, no big deal lah, kan?

  4. yee piao – Tenkiu! PPS is Project Petaling Street. Google and see?

    terence – Mana ada?

    zewt – Ya, rub everywhere. LOL.

  5. ping many times can get many visitors mah. LOL

    I oso kena once when streamass played my backside and my ping appeared 3 times. One blogger thinks she cyber police or some PPS socialist, wrote me a long letter screwing me upside down as if I did it on purpose like that.

    I want to use your favorite word on her. PTUI!

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