When a blogger cannot find anything intelligent to write….

then, it is time to shut up.

However, I have a couple of blogs that I wish to share. One of them is blind singer, AlfredHo. Leah gave me the blog URL  I get very motivated after reading what he wrote. I am not sure if Alfred wrote it himself using softwares for blind people or someone helps him. Whatever it is, his English is perfect and his writings so good. Read the kind of craps he has to endure from our politicians. In fact, what Alfred goes through are what the majority of the people who have some special needs go through.

Talking about that, I am disgusted with the care of the premature baby in Klang hospital. Well, the sad fact is that our country does not have enough  medical professionals who are  trained to deal with premature babies and do you know that sometimes, those very premature ones will be left to ‘live’ (die actually) because our hospitals do not have enough equipment to hook up to these babies?

Ok, happy-happy talk now.

Next, I want to wish Samm Happy Birthday.

Yesterday Terence told me about Shazmin being a DJ and now she blogs too.

I told him, “I know lah. Haiyor, I have been on the morning show live with Shazmin and Richard before, you know?”

Terence, “How come I didn’t know about that?”

Me, “Cos when I was there in Astro, maybe you were not even born yet!”

That was about three years ago when I was all gung-ho about breastfeeding. Now, I retired already.

I am happy to find Shaz blogging because her blog is as infectious as her real person. Full of ooomph. Her hubby blogs and her two kids are soooo adorable. Maklumlah, bapa Swiss. But I am not sure if Shaz is on air in the morning now because I only wake up at noon.

When a blogger cannot find anything intelligent to write….then, it is time to shut up.

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11 thoughts on “When a blogger cannot find anything intelligent to write….

  1. Do you mind if I ask where can I get the code for the Saving Sumatran Rhino campaign? I’d like to do my part 🙂

  2. hao – Feel free to download that little rhino and link it to the site. I got it from the Honda site. It is on the papers these few days too.

  3. There was more to our chat!! Want me to copy and paste?? Celaka!!!

    What morning show? Update a bit lah? Got radio at home or not?? Online also can lah?

    Stop plugging my blog!!!! I low profile lah.

  4. geeez Terence, this was almost 3 years ago when I was preggers wt baby no. 1 and Lilian was on the mix breakfast show endorsing the many positives of breastfeeding. I recall having a blast that morning! Thanks Lilian!

    Terence says: Don’t be alarmed. We (me & Lilian) used to talk like that. There was more to our conversation.

  5. samm – You have a great day and great sex too! Hahaha.

    ehon – Got reply mah…aiyor, I pressure liao

    shaz – Yeah, you were about to letup that time. Hahaha.

    moo_t – LOL, when I have nothing to write, I just need to open the papers. Sure got opinion to crap.

    terence – You won’t dare. I sue you for breach of trust. See? Shaz oso remembers somemore. The breast lady! (me lah)

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