Maggi goreng

Recently, I have taken lots of photos. Normally, I use my son’s Nikon P4 as my DSLR is too precious to be taking mundane food photos. Moreover, if I bring a DSLR to eating places, those stall owners tend to treat me nicer, which I hate.

So, in order to purge out all those photos that are clogging my hard disk, here’s what I cooked for myself today. Maggi goreng.


I parboiled some dried noodles and sliced cabbage. Take it out, drain and leave aside. Smash some garlic and cut whatever vegetables you can find. I used tomato, long beans and coriander leaves.


The secret of farkingilious maggi goreng. Sambal lala cap Rex. It is clams in chillies. Pour those juices into the noodle. Don’t put the clams in yet or else they overcooked.


Best-est maggi goreng in the world. Only add the clams when it is almost ready.


However, the reason I post this is to warn you guys that in case you suddenly see some huge, colourful background appearing on my blog, please don’t froth in your mouth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, ok? I had treated you to maggi goreng so don’t bitch.

15 thoughts on “Maggi goreng

  1. Luckily early early I took breakfast liao if not sure lau nua wan…

    But then hor, if cook like this instant noodle become not instant di lah. Usually I eat instant noddle when I have about 15minutes only. 10minutes cook, 5 minutes eat. Hehe…

  2. This looked wayyyy tooo good. If i show this to my husb, he sure ask me to cook this for him this weekend.

    *gotta go hunt for Rex sambal lala.*

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