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I don’t know about others but it is very sad to read about this pregnant woman who was supposed to return to her hometown to have her baby. The baby is due end of this month, meaning that baby is already a very healthy baby and can survive on its own. But their lives were cut short. Both mom and baby died in a bus accident.

Our Transport Minister (or whatever the title is, not important anyway) with the same surname as I do, wants to stop the rot. Well, same surname minister with big moustache, do you remember Ling Liong Sik’s favourite quote, if you want to stop the rot (of the fish), cut off the head. I think you are the head, so let’s cut from the top?

How did Puspakom or JPJ or whatever authorities that go around checking vehicles allow some not road worthy vehicle to ply the highways? (nah, I learnt this from PangSai)

And please don’t keep talking about :

The Transport Ministry will propose that the Government makes it mandatory for passengers to wear the rear seatbelt in all passenger cars.

The move is hoped to reduce the number of fatalities during accidents. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said although the Government understood reasons why the public would be against it, the ruling had to be put in place in the interest of the public.(source)

Get it done. Why cannot? Because this means a family can have only three kids max? Unless everyone can afford a seven-seater. And while you are at it, please make car seat for babies and children mandatory too.

So many people have been saying ‘Ini cuma hangat-hangat tahi ayam sahaja.’ It is true. Give it another few weeks and we will forget all about it. You will find him standing at toll booths handling out Jalur Gemilang and grinning happily.  Do  the deaths of all these people haunt you, Mr. Minister?  The baby in the womb that died before he/she can see the world?

15 thoughts on “Stop the rot

  1. well.. that’s the malaysia mentality for you auntie.. things are done (barely) after an accident happened.. not before… its so tiring..

  2. like wat i sed in zewt’s, this can only happen in the country with tallest building in the world and astronauts painting batik on the moon. before enforcing the seat belt law, how abt clamping down on those motorcyclists carrying 2 or even 3 passengers??? or the haji who wear ketayap as helmet??

    and far-q CKC, go learn from the europeans how they train & control their bus drivers la!!

  3. Having bus sea-belt? So brilliant. All airplane equip with patent easy-release-seatbelt. But when the plane crash, the seatbelt do little to save you from doom.

    Even better, We see so many bus accident that rarely relate to the vehicles, but due to people, the management and the policy maker.
    Sigh. It seems CKC will keep making stupid statements and prolong the whole bus accident “statistic” to maneuver the 4.6 billions saga on his a$$.

  4. someone commented that there was a similar accident not too long ago involving a van and killed 20. i think during that time, they said they will implement a black box thingy in buses?

    where is this supposed black box thingy? oh…. forgotten already.

  5. A real tragedy.. being a usual passenger on the bus express, i know how fast the bus driver speed, overtaking normal cars on the highway. I dont know why do they need to go so fast..

  6. hahahaha… zewt, the black box thingy went into the black hole.

    mebbe or Mr MoT Minister got haunted ala The Ring style. after all, it is the happy holiday month for our ghostly buddies.

  7. bryan – You leave a link ah? Kenot access wan.

    angieT – Black hole, right.

    pookyma – Congrats on the domain, happy belated birthday and I added your blog in. The system screwed up so I did not put a add button.

    cbenc – All these drivers think they are F1 driver mah. And the more trips they make, the more money.

    zewt – So many things happened already, including those big trucks that broke down in the middle of the road, without the proper warning signals. Apathy lah, Gomen tak kisah, rakyat tak kisah, mati, we bochap.

    moo_t – At least he didn’t use the previous minister, act of god. LOL.

    sooi – Tarak system, all want fast gain only. Gomen never implement, so all the companies care are just money they can earn.

    rimus – Really sad and gory.

    fookiat – Yalah.

  8. well said well said.

    The one ‘Chan’ has to own up. Yes, make baby car seat mandatory, before graduate to mandatory something involve adults.

    Adult doesnt think straight, kids can be safe meh?!

  9. eh..then we cannot “car pool” edi lah…no more 5 person in the back seat ala kampung style!! hahahahaha *u all noe wad i’m toking abt lah..who do it mroe often..i noe u noe lah*

  10. Yah lor… This Tom Selleck looking Minister talk only clever. What is there to talk now? Die already lork. Talk what la…

    Just tarok him kow-kow at Monsterblog website. WTF la!! All I ever see him do is wear corsage and attend duno harmiq uokoh MAS or Air Asia launch whole year round!

    Shameless… this Tom Chan Kong Choy fella…

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