oOOOOOooo..Your silence is scaring me!

How come no one ask, “WTF is wrong with your blog!”


“OMG, what’s happening! Too much pink!”


“Is this the cartoon channel?”


“What’s that scary, furry monster doing on your side bar?”


“You sold your soul, didn’t you? ”


“Now this looks like a bus!” (got this from HongKiat)


“Hungry ghost month, you put cute monster to scare away trolls, issit?”





Every reader has run away and that’s why no one asked! HORRORS!!!!!

Say something lah!

22 thoughts on “oOOOOOooo..Your silence is scaring me!

  1. This afternoon, market plunge -60 points. that’s the reason lah… lucky the market recover a bit with -19 points.

  2. I saw it but I thought you like it bah! So, din say anything lor! Haiyo.. comment also beh tiok, not comment also beh tiok. Very susah punya olang!

  3. I see.. I see!! I see!!! But why ah?? I lau char bor.. cannot take all the distractions wor… Tau Hin..(Headache la)

  4. bryan – I got Firefox No Script! Yay! Shhh…

    Leah – Hahaha, yeah, please come back in a month’s time šŸ˜‰ .

    nicholas – Ya, depan, belakang, atas, bawah, semua pun ada

    laucharbor – The new wave of ads lor. I oso thau hin but we must support lah, or else people don’t want to advertise on blogs.

    choonie – I am a woman mah, hard to please wan. Like no like, janji ada luit sudah lah.

    moo_t – Wuah, I no play share market, I no feel anything wan.

    pablo – Hehehe.

    giddytiger – Actually, my template was all crazy yesterday cos nuffnang’s staff was helping me to tweak. I keep changing diff theme and the thing won’t show. Finally, they fixed for me with the middle part white or else…lagi chialat.

    ahpek – But you still sayang me hor….*looking pitiful*

    wuching – I will hantam wan….say what oso hantam.

  5. Lilian
    Been reading your blogs for months now, find it absolutely enchanting. I know this is a little out of context…but could you tell me if you use the turbo broiler, and if you do, where can i buy one?
    Love your cook blogs….yummmmmy

  6. Errrr… What’s with the TM advert???

    And what’s with the message “I’m going to excite your life for free”???????!!!!!

    Hehehee.. Sounds a little too “notti” for a Friday. Woo hoo!! šŸ˜›

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