Political stuff is now stickier than talking about sex with your kids

I like to lurk around those “extreme to the max, read also can die of suspense, just lurking don’t know got illegal or not, how I wish I can write like these” kind of blogs. In particular, Malaysia-Today.net. I know many people will go, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, haiyorrrr….why you go get into these kind of things wannnn….go read some porn stories, cannot meh? Too much time, go wash the plates, fold the laundry, weeding, watch your 20 episodes of The Drive of Life *coughs* or do something less controversial lah.”

Well, the thing is awareness comes with exposure. Exposure brings knowledge. Knowledge brings wisdom. Wisdom creates more awareness. And it goes on. We cannot just shut our eyes and be happy with just our comfy home, cars and enough foods to eat. We have to know what’s going on around us.

Maybe if your children are younger, you don’t feel the challenges. But with my teens, we have to discuss all these issues. In fact, you know what? Previously, parents have to talk to their children about the birds and bees. Now, we have something much stickier. It is about the monkeys, the wolves and the sheeps. It is about politics, tolerance and respect.

With birds and the bees, it is just “Daddy’s kukujiao plants the seed into mommy’s pok-pok and nine months later, doctor cut open mommy’s stomach and you come out as a baby.” See? Easy. Nothing sensitive.

But with politics, we parents have to make sure that we can explain in the best possible way why our children must tolerate, tolerate, tolerate and respect, respect and respect. If they think the ‘volume’ is too loud and they cannot hear what the TV and PC are blasting, we have to continue tolerate. Kids may say, “Haiyor, so loud! Tak boleh tahan.” But that is only confined to our homes. We parents have to tell them that it is ok to feel geram but it is a no-win situation if we cannot tolerate.

We have to explain to them the worst case scenarios and what we can do to avoid them. We also want them to grow up with their own independent views and yet, those views shouldn’t hurt and harm others. We know they are good kids who will become normal adults and yet, we have to warn them that not every single one will accept them as they accept others. They will hear and read all sorts of things about other races and religious’ weaknesses and we have to uphold the pride of that other races so that our children do not believe every skewed and biased views they hear and read.

The challenges for us parents with older children are very, very tough and we have to equip ourselves with the most workable opinions and not get carried away and follow the mob.

Back to the topic again, I wish every parent find out the truth from all parties and never get skewed and biased opinions from just one side. Be aware and share them freely with your children before they get themselves involved with others’ opinions which may not always be the best for them. Like our priest often reminds us, Trust in God. He will guide our nation.

5 thoughts on “Political stuff is now stickier than talking about sex with your kids

  1. so happened i read in a blog this morning about a teacher asking a kid… what is the best job in the world… the kid answered… a minister… the reason the kid gave shows that the lil ones are very aware of things nowadays….

    hahaha… plant seed in momm’s pok pok…. what the hell is pok pok? hahahahahaha….

  2. Hayyoo! now telling bedtime stories oso have to be politically correct! cannot simply-simply tell one.. For example why the White sheep never give wool like the Black sheep… Whther the veterinary services got check little-bo-peep sheep for fot and mouth disease.. not easy wor being a parent !!

  3. Always, lies and spin are mix with partial truth.

    And for the tolerance part, sometime it just doesn’t make sense.

    For example, trying to use their PA system to outdo each other (roll eyes). Instead of telling the young one to tolerate, it is good time to educate them the different between preaching the truth and childishness, forms vs substances. Yes, there is no such things as abuse the PA system 1000+ years ago.

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