When you have big brothers, you probably get bullied as well as pampered. This is what we ate yesterday.


Little boy : Mommy, what’s that? *crinkled nose, twisted eyebrows*

Mommy : ………… *thinking for way to explain*

Big brothers : That? That is call brain-brain.

Little boy : Brain-brain!!???!!!!

Mommy : It is otak-otak.

otak otak

Big brothers : No…mommy bluffed you. It is brain-brain. You know how they do it? They dig little boys’ brains and then, they wrap it in banana leaves and cook it. First, they crack the head like crack egg like that. Next…. *full of action, using each others’ heads*


Mommy : HOI! Don’t traumatise your little brother, ok? Don’t listen to your brothers. It is fish and coconut milk. They cook with some nice things. See? Mommy eat. Nice….

Little boy : Yeah lah, like nasi lemak like that. Kor-kor all bluffed one. Stuuuuuupiggggg.

11 thoughts on “Brain-brain

  1. I love otak otak. The best ones are from MUAR. 30 minutes away from Melaka.

    Most will think they are made from fishes’ brains and spare parts. But they are actually made from fish meat and shrimps.

  2. chinese mushrooms are little turtles.
    broccolis are actually trees from land of little people.
    sweet peas in pods are transformation of naughty brothers.

  3. My family used to travel to Muar for otak-otak weekly last time. Tried penang large brain-brain too….wherever it came from, i love them all…..oh yes, Kuantan otak-otak….it is soooo different from the one we had. Next time must post!

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