I got this Bernama news from Whatever blog. And it really brings some laugh on this busy weekend.

Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Mohammad Taib has described writers of political blogs, whom he says looked brave in criticising government leaders, as cowards.

“Why I say they are coward? Because they are afraid of using (web) addresses in the country but use overseas addresses to slam our country leaders. Is this the character of a man? This is not a man, this is a ‘pondan’.

Bwahahaha, try harder Tan Sri. Try harder. Goblok, monyet, liars, unemployed and now pondans. Names like these can’t hurt us. The more names thrown against bloggers, political or otherwise, the closer bloggers group together. Haven’t you read my post about ‘Common enemies bring people together” ?

“I’m not afraid… I’d answered all the allegations but were not posted in the blogs. If their minds and attitude are closed, they cannot accept any of our replies,” he said.

He said attacks on individuals were not serious and it was up to the victims to sue but more attention should be given to attacks on institutions especially the government and rulers as well as against religions and races because of the sensitivities involved.

And Tan Sri, I haven’t quite forgiven the Kumpulan Pemuda Maya UMNO for the insinuations made against Christians. So keep those claims to yourself. Don’t talk about defending religions. Please, keep it to yourself. Bah!

BTW, I cannot be a pondan because I am a betina. And though I am not a political blogger in Malaysia , I make blardy good posts that make people think. Much better than what KJ is trying to do. Too late, dude. Too late. Start with KPMU, please. Those goons there who kept writing sentences that begin with, “Aku dengar, aku dengaq, dok dengaq.”

“If we do not have Internet presence, we will lose support among the young, who only see the world through the Internet,” he said here yesterday.

Khairy was commenting on the DAP ‘s e-campaign to reach out to the net-savvy community in the next general election.

(source : The Star)

You should all realise this looooong ago. Where were you all in the last three years? And I bet your people do not know what SEO is.

“We view the opposition’s campaign through the Internet seriously,” he said, adding that Umno was ready to take them on.

“We have a website and the writers for it. But, unfortunately, the phenomenon on the Internet is still to sensationalise news.

“So, we need a correction mechanism. It is difficult to find credible sources, compared to the traditional media,” he said.

I don’t care if KPMU is related to UMNO or not. As long as I don’t read any news about any one of them getting questioned by the polis after Tony Pua‘s police report, I will assume KPMU and UMNO is one the same.

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